Aug 3

I would argue that Mads is a better Hannibal Lecter. Anthony Hopkins is great but he’s so ... over the top. With Mads he’s all oozing class and etiquette and charm and you completely understand why people fall under his spell.

Aug 3

Yeah, I watched some of it with my dad this spring. In the (paraphrased) words of Mr. Burns, “I know what I hate, and I didn’t hate that.”

Jul 29

What problem is this solving? What process is this making more efficient? Is this even sealing the freshness of the cereal at all? Other than just simply storing the cereal in a sealable container, I would think finding a better way of sealing the open plastic bag that contains the cereal would be the priority here.

Jul 23

The only Pontiac logo that matters. *Foghat music plays

Jul 7

Let me guess, you prefer new Yark-style slime on a shingle? Get the fuck outta here..

Jul 2

There’s a lesson here about our constant need for the next shiny new thing. Especially for us car enthusiasts. Read more

Jun 22

Somewhere between Karate Kid I and II, Daniel got his ass kicked in the first round of the All State Championships.

Jun 8

For real, John Malkovitch as Dr. Mallory is the only reason to watch this show. 

Jun 1

Step one should be making a sub that someone wants to eat. How they are not making a fortune selling basically a lettuces sandwich at 5 bucks is beyond me.

May 30

Mod Pizza is really good. It’s the fast and fresh version of a Panera-esque pizza utopia. Wood fired oven... Lots of great toppings and a couple beer taps to boot. They hire folks that need a little help. I really like the place. Does it dominate this map. NO. Nonsense. I think it’s delicious though.

May 29

Skank and Gutter Boy are reason enough to watch this alone.  They never tell us what Skank keeps drinking, but it was enough to a visual image to make me never want to huff paint. 

May 27

I’ve been to both Indiana (Poke Bowls) and Wisconsin (Pad Thai) and there is no way on earth Hoosiers and Cheese Heads are ordering those things in abundance.

May 19

Still the best damn wedding gift me and the wife ever recieved.  13 years in and it runs like a champ(My mom has one that I think it as old as I am).  The best part is if it ever does break, they are super easy to repair.  

Still the best damn wedding gift me and the wife ever recieved.  13 years in and it runs like a champ(My mom has one

May 15

Back to School is a much better movie than it should be. Dangerfield really elevates that movie past what should have been a cheap Animal House with an old guy.