6/05/21 9:50PM

I guess I would change that to, if it’s uncomfortably cold to me, it’s too cold for my dog. Dogs will also run around on super hot and/or rough asphalt until their paw pads bleed, so we can’t always trust them to do what’s best for them. Although, I suspect where your dogs are swimming is fine. Especially if they are Read more

6/04/21 7:24PM

why pit bulls can’t swim? my mind immediately went to..

6/04/21 10:07AM

Our Lab/Walker mix got limber tail once after swimming, and she was the saddest girl while she was recovering. It literally looked broken, and it hurt her to wag.

6/04/21 9:26AM

We had a Great Dane/Shepherd/God-only-knows-what mix named Bluto who loved the water, the vet said it probably took the pressure off his joints since he was such a big dog. Read more

6/04/21 8:25AM

Please tell your son that a stranger on the internet thinks it’s fantastic he’s able to love a person for who they are and not be hung up on their gender. 

6/03/21 2:23PM

My late beloved cockapoo Chimpy didn’t want to swim at all until I waded out in the water with a ball and a cheerful disposition during his second summer. He jumped in and thus started a lifelong love of the water. He took a dip in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, the Gulf of Mexico, the Mississippi River and Lake

6/03/21 2:11PM

My old English Pointer used to swim alongside my kayak in the river. She swam 2 miles one day, going ashore for quick runs of a few hundred yards before jumping back into the river to accompany me. I miss her.

6/03/21 11:40AM

I don’t know about that. A lot of trolls turning out to be particularly intelligent dogs rather than actual people makes a lot of sense. I think Sam may have cracked one of the great mysteries of the internet, ‘who the hell posts this crap?’ Read more

6/03/21 10:43AM

Our Pit always hated the pool. She doesn’t have much webbing between her toes so we assumed that’s why she really has to put effort into staying afloat. Her doggy life vest was a game changer and as soon as she has it on she’s a confident swimmer that won’t stay out of the pool!

6/03/21 10:12AM

I don’t know about pugs, but bulldogs (I think all kinds) can’t give birth naturally, either, so if you are buying a bulldog puppy, its mom had to be cut open for them to be born. It really should be illegal to continue breeding them.

6/03/21 7:46AM

Or the North American Gaslighter.  Nasty breed.

6/03/21 7:40AM

At least it wasn’t a Rick Rolling Retriever. They’re known for being able to troll you with Youtube links.

6/03/21 1:10AM

We had a mixed breed dog that we had to train how to swim each year. Without training he would paddle straight up and down with front paws only. Great dog, but weird in the water.

6/02/21 7:04PM

Had a labradoodle, great dog. we live inland. first time he saw the ocean he tried his best to jump off a 250 foot cliff to get into the surf. He never saw water that he wouldn’t get into.

6/02/21 6:26PM

When I was a teenager, my Mom had an Irish setter. You could not keep her out of any body of water she was near. At that time, my folks did a lot of canoeing in the Ozarks. The dog would not ride in the canoe, but would gladly run on shore, chase smells in the woods, and swim all day long.

6/02/21 6:00AM

Off topic but there are so many articles about the COVID vaccine show a band-aid on the shoulder. Read more

5/25/21 2:38PM

I recently bought a bottle of Caesar dressing that, after I opened it, I saw was labeled “consume within seven days of opening.” LOL, what?! Just how many salads do you think I’m eating here? One month on, it still seems fine, although I make sure to check first before glopping it on my lettuce.