Feb 15 2019

But you see fair sir... he ‘owned the libs’. That is to say, he cut off his nose to spite his face, then ate his nose, to spite his stomach, then jumped of a bridge to spite gravity... on the way down he owned all them really hard and yelled out Trump20~! Read more

Dec 10 2017

OT, but it’s a crime that Night Court isn’t on a streaming service.

Nov 13 2017

I love coffee, and I love my Keurig even though I have a french press and fancy coffee that I drink whenever I run out of k-cups. Read more

Oct 29 2017

I think non-kneeling players should be grilled by the press with “So... since you didn’t take a knee... you’re cool with cops murdering innocent black people in the streets?” Read more

Feb 16 2015

Got it!
-Don't rely on willpower
-Don't run if you hate it
- Create a positive feedback loop. Read more

Nov 9 2014

Has no one ever explained to you that you can't have your cake and eat it, too? Retail work requires weekends and holidays, if people don't want to work there they can quit. It is a free country. If they decide the paycheck is important they can see their family the day before, or after, or next week. Thanksgiving is Read more

Nov 7 2014

Nothing worse? Ebola? Old people dying alone? Rape? Pedophelia? No, you're probably right, people choosing to go to work rather than sitting at home stuffing their faces with leftovers and wine is the worst thing, ever. Do you hear yourself? Lots of people are happy to take in that sweet holiday pay while the idiots Read more

Oct 26 2014

Wow, none of this is accurate. I have a feeling OP thinks guns are "evil" and has no personal experience with one.

Sep 26 2014

I think you could learn a lot about yourself and others if you explored why you feel the fluff is unnecessary, and why some people might disagree.

Sep 24 2014

I frequently (a couple times a month) will get a sharp shooting pain on one side of my chest preventing me from being able to breathe deeply. After a few minutes, it goes away and I'm all good again. I've mentioned this to doctors in the past and they've been unfazed. Could it be a heart problem, even if it happens on Read more

Sep 22 2014

Except insofar as it impacts working conditions, compensation and benefits. And, perhaps the questions during the interview should be focused on that, rather than on religion. Read more

Sep 21 2014

How about an article on the flip side of this issue? Say, you're a religious conservative looking to apply for a position in Silicon Valley, and worried that you might be required to march in a gay pride parade?

Jul 28 2014

Are there retirement accounts that are not investment accounts? I mean, sure people can stash cash and call it a retirement account, but that's just plain stupid.