Sep 30 2015

Thank you so much for sharing this. I am headed to Amazon now!

Apr 9 2015

Careful, careful... Some special snowflake is about to accuse you of cyber-bullying. You can’t say mean things anymore - somebody is guaranteed to run to Mommy (after tweeting their hashtags selfie, of course).

Nov 9 2014

When I was in the military, I rarely got Thanksgiving or Christmas Day off, much less Black Friday. But, yeah, poor retail workers. What we really need I is a little perspective.. .

Jul 2 2014

Except they don't refuse to cover contraception. Of the 20 "contraceptives" approved by the FDA, Hobby Lobby's insurance plan already covered 16 - before Obamacare. They refuse to cover 4 after-the-fact treatments because they believe it's murder.

Feb 23 2014

Good! If it causes companies problems, maybe they'll finally make some changes - God knows they don't seem to care that customers hate it. Maybe if this stunt starts costing them more money, something will change. I will do this from now on, based on this premise alone.