I got the RSV vax yesterday afternoon. Other than my usually vigorous immune system response, all is good. Read more

I just deleted my Reddit account. The reason I gave was, “Asshole CEO’s atrocioius behavior”. Read more

I stopped buying and using paper towels years ago. I switched to microfiber cloths. This was a good decision for me.
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Just filed my claim. Thank you, Jake. Read more

Finally, a vegan recipe! Thank you, Claire. Read more

Happiness is a choice I make, every moment of every day. It does not rely on external circumstances. I learned a long time ago to reach for personal fulfillment and to set my own life goals, without being reliant on those that others or society thinks I should meet. Read more

I learned of the scraping of one’s nails across a bar of soap before gloving ages ago. It’s a great idea before putting on gloves, as it expedites handwashing. Read more

These are great ideas. I have been a gardener for many years and one of my favorite devices to use is a padded bench-kneeler. It protects my knees when weeding or doing ground-level work, helps me get up with the two supports that double as the legs of a bench when flipped, and stores flattened, saving space. Read more

Oops. You are correct. Sorry about that! Read more

I do. The garbage editing of streaming movies is often quite bad. Read more

DVD.com states on their website they will no longer ship DVDs after 4/29/23. Read more

Such a great idea, Allie. I add sunflower seeds to my sauteed dark greens, sometimes add walnuts to my cabbage, and have been known to add peanuts to salads, too. Adding them to stews or soups is a nutritional win. Read more

I applied for a teaching position at a private vocational nursing academy many years ago. The teaching schedule was set up so that a break of several hours in the middle of the day was required, without pay. This would have made every day at least 10-11 hours. I had the opportunity to talk with another instructor Read more

I applaud Representative Bowman’s candor and confrontation with the right-winger politician. It’s high time our elected officials start getting in the faces of those who love their guns more than they do our children. Bravo, Rep. Bowman. Read more

I learned “Lift Every Voice and Sing” in Chicago in the early 1980s. I fell in love with the lyrics and the music. Every time I hear it, it gives me hope. Read more