Oct 1

Gotta say, that bank is on point with the potential frauds. Hearing “Fan requires $724 worth of beer to get through Dolphins game” sounds uncannily plausible.

Aug 28

I don’t think I’ll ever remember that the Chargers moved to LA. In a decade, I’ll see LAC on the ticker at the bottom of the screen and still think that the Clippers are playing the Broncos for some reason.

Aug 21

His name is Whett Thudd. Modern scouts, with their algorithms and advanced metrics, will tell you he’s too small and too slow to make an NFL roster. But what those bean-counters can’t see on their spreadsheets, what old-school football men know in their hearts, is that this former Appalachian State standout linebacker Read more

Aug 6

Sure, Amell might be embarrassed right now but this serves as a first rate audition for my upcoming epic C’mon, Man, I’m Wide Open: The Christian Hackenberg Story.

Jul 30

Non-consensual kissing is not okay. That fact that the ball wants to give him a little kiss doesn’t give it the right to do that. I think the batter’s body language demonstrated his reluctance clearly enough that the ball should have known it was unwelcome, even if he didn’t explicitly say “No”. Best to use a standard Read more

May 2 2019

Them: All I know is, if you’re gonna tell me that a child is going to travel the world for eight years training and learning to become a master fighter, I’ll tell you’re being ridiculous. Read more

Mar 30 2019

the world’s most iconic novelty telephone

Mar 6 2019

Or they could live their lives how they see fit, like actual grown ups. You seem like you could use a little maturity yourself, considering you are posting condescending nonsense at other people. I think our standards are just fine. They prevent us from being so uptight. Read more

Or they could live their lives how they see fit, like actual grown ups. You seem like you could use a little

Mar 4 2019

Heromodus Discovered This One Weird Trick!  Astrologers and Bloodletters Hate Him!

Feb 28 2019

If they only ran one loop, they would have gotten their 6.4-mile split across then ran on to the finish line without doing the second loop. Read more

Feb 17 2019

“Their inferior and ineffective vaccines, which caused three times more hospitalization than measles did” Read more

Jan 11 2019

So, you need to open the email to confirm. Meaning you are looking at your phone or computer anyway. Meaning you could have just ordered whatever on your phone. Read more

Dec 21 2018

To be clear: I consider you racist if you poke your finger in my chest while calling me a nigger. That undoubtedly makes you racist. Read more