James Abell
Sep 28 2016

Post singularity dating was the worst. 3Z had seemed so nice online, but now she’d met its avatar in real life she realized they really didn’t have that much in common. She finished her wine, made her excuses & hoped the collective mind wouldn’t take it to badly when she didn’t call.

Sep 27 2016

The scribble on the right intrigues me. It may be his child’s contribution?

Sep 27 2016

The orbital habitats were great, but they were never designed to be moved at any reasonable acceleration. So we were dismantling them, to be re-built as generational ships. Read more

Sep 27 2016

Cool. I grew up in the ‘50s reading stories and seeing illustrations like this one about fictional astronauts working on fictional space stations. Now I can watch real astronauts working on a real space station, and on my pocket computer! I’m so glad I made it to The Future™.

Sep 27 2016

“A loaf of bread, a jug of wine and... crap! Oxygen! I forgot the oxygen!”

Mar 17 2015

I know I'm going to sound like every other 30+ on the Internet, but I'll take these miniatures over the latest in computer generated effects every day and twice on Sunday.