Jalon P Niklaus
Friday 1:05PM

The Sackler Family, as the executives of Purdue Pharma, in the late 90's, early 00's basically set out an army of sleazy sales people to push OxyContin (a HIGHLY addictive Opiod) out on the masses of people who had chronic pain. Turns out they all got addicted to it, their prescriptions ran out, realized that Heroin Read more

Thursday 7:17PM

Right — the foreman may drive a nice F-150, and some big-site guys may drive big trucks, but Joe Small Contractor (tile setter, electrician, handyman, plumber, etc) will just fill the bed with random 5-gal buckets, tools, and parts. I know a lot of contractors who put very little in their beds. I know a LOT of foreman Read more

Thursday 3:18PM

Are there really that many of those people anymore, though? One would think that if there were, somebody would make that truck for them to buy.

Thursday 2:42PM

To take on a very different tangent, this is the reason why I think hybrid drive is way more important to the market than EV. The mileage gain with just a small battery and an electric motor is amazing with very little downside. You can easily double industry mileage for very little cost, especially when you have Read more

Thursday 11:31AM

Odds are I won’t get one (based on the fact I already have two cars), but it is very tempting. I have never had an interest in pickups. Out here they are purely a status/signalling thing, raised up and belching diesel. However, I do like the higher ground clearance and ability to occasionally haul things. This vehicle Read more

Thursday 11:24AM

Great question, It’s not just a switch on the dash. There’s a product called VCMuzzler sold online. It’s basically a resistor that plugs in line with the auxiliary thermostat that operates VCM. The added electrical resistance basically fools your VCM into thinking the vehicle isn’t quite up to temperature. Since VCM Read more

Thursday 11:13AM

I’m sure it’s been pointed out already, but it’s really awesome (and amazing) that we’ve finally reached the point that the hybrid is the cheapest option. That’s a BIG deal. Read more

Thursday 11:09AM

Yep. Also municipalities that run small pickups for their utilities work and stuff. All the running around they do, this would be a great truck to replace and aging fleet with.

Thursday 10:48AM

Perfect for city dwellers wanting a second “around town” vehicle; Home Depot and weekend trips to the lake, pulling a small boat or jet ski. Also excellent for the first time young buyer wanting a “outdoor” feeling vehicle. Read more

Thursday 10:43AM

Here’s the thing about the Ridgeline and fuel economy: If you want long term durability, you have to disable the VCM (cylinder deactivation). Otherwise, VCM causes a host of well documented issues, such as oil consumption, spark plug fouling, and active engine mount failure. Disabling VCM drops highway fuel economy by Read more

Thursday 10:27AM

The more I think about it, the more I’m disappointed that they didn’t use the electric motors to drive the other set of wheels to make the hybrid slightly AWD. Read more

Thursday 10:26AM

You have the right idea. I don’t think the Maverick really competes with other trucks. It competes with sedans and small/mid SUVs. The hybrid powertrain and low price are the game-changers here. This vehicle will be bought by a lot of people who never really considered a truck before. I keep playing with the online Read more

Thursday 10:22AM

the 4000 tow rating requires ecoboost _and_ AWD _and_ the tow package, bringing the price up to about $28k including destination charges, $31k if you want the XLT which is about on par with the base ridgeline in features... your gas mileage also drops to about the same as the ridgeline in this configuration.

all Read more

Thursday 10:08AM

I’m legit obsessed with the Maverick as it’s basically perfect for me and my needs. I’m comparing it in specs to my 2019 Elantra because that’s what I currently have and it’s genuinely a small truck. I’m so happy that Ford pulled the trigger and am seriously considering selling the Elantra and getting the Maverick. Read more

Thursday 10:05AM

The hybrid powertrain is the killer app here. I know many contractors who are very interested in cutting costs.  I'm very happy the hybrid option is the base.  Efficient work trucks are hard to come by. This truck will have a leg up.