Jalon P Niklaus
Friday 12:42AM

Fun fact for those that say “Well, how am I going to carry blah, blah, blah?!?!” — the Maverick has a higher payload capacity than a Raptor, or, wait for it... a Ram TRX. So, there's that.

6/08/21 12:20PM

If only Tom Cruise knew how much money he could make selling authentic Maverick TrukNutz for this trucklet.

6/08/21 12:01PM

Nevermind. They have a white, and I already got my reservation in for one. I’ve gone from actively disliking Fords to now reserving two different Fords in less than a month — the electric F150 and now the Maverick. Read more

6/08/21 11:00AM

Uh, where’s the white version that will undoubtedly be el numero uno for about 1 bazillion commercial buyers? I mean, this must have been a typo.

6/04/21 10:01AM

As a resident of one of the large cities in one of the 9% regions, there is a certain class of driver not well reported in the report or comments — the outright criminal driver. Nearly every day in my city there is a report of a deadly crash involving a stolen (usually car-jacked) car that crashes into a pedestrian, Read more

5/20/21 5:46PM

I say we help ol’ Toyota out with some naming on this one. I nominate “Corumba” (Corolla plus extra room plus pizazz). This would then make for the best electric name... the “iCorumba”.  Tie that shit into the Simpsons and you pretty much got a grand slam on your hands.

5/20/21 12:35AM

You got it 100% right. There’s going to be an incredible revolution on many job sites. The companies that need local fleet trucks are only going to look at whether or not this truck meets minimum requirements and the total cost of ownership. They won’t give a damn that employee Billy Bob can’t tow his boat to the lake Read more

5/20/21 12:24AM

Hell, I don’t normally like Fords, but I just put in my $100 to “reserve” one. Thanks for the heads up, KillaSkwerl. To those who want to plunk down a spare hundy: Read more

5/17/21 8:54PM

Hilarious joke. Not so sure it was, however. I’ve heard many a fool share their electrical knowledge/hijinks. 

5/17/21 7:39PM

Go ahead, Dick — try shuffling your feet on concrete, grass, or asphalt and get this so called “shock from static electricity”. Unless you crashed on a carpeted surface, I don’t think you’ll be generating static electricity. Pretty sure any shuffling generated electricity is not worth worrying about, anyway, unless Read more

5/15/21 4:52PM

1 Holiday Road, Pontiac, Illinois.  Doesn't get better than that.  Be prepared to say "WTF" upon entering. 

5/15/21 4:36PM

I highly recommend a stop there, even if you don’t get gas. Not sure whether top tier gas or not.  

5/15/21 9:57AM

Everybody, listen closely — Wally’s. Wally’s is coming and it is kind of ridiculously awesome. Obviously, most of you have no idea what I am talking about, but you will. Read more

5/14/21 10:00AM

To a Seven’s credit, dating into traffic gaps, blasting from stop lights, saving money on gas, and cruising down narrow break down lanes are all good reasons to daily it around Boston.  There are a few drawbacks, however...

5/14/21 8:49AM

In lieu of punching back, laughing is often a good alternative. Often, it's considerably more effective.

5/14/21 8:13AM

Daily driving a Caterham on the highway, for an hour each way, in Boston sounds like a pretty terrible idea.  Maybe this car will never be for you.  

5/13/21 8:50PM

Probably the same buyer who responds to the Kia salesperson who says “Let’s not talk about the price. How much can you afford per month?”.