My Skoda is the most Superb
Jul 3

You forgot Audi’s virtual cockpit. Which is a nice blend of digital flexibility and skeuomorphism.

Jul 2

Hey Erik, I just wanted to say I think you do a good job, and am sorry so many people in the comments bash on you. Keep on keepin’ on. Read more

Jun 11

The electric F-150 will obviously have some advantages over the Rivian, mostly due to Ford’s 100+ years of building vehicles. Dealership networks, manufacturing know how, etc...

Jun 10

I’m glad the tides are turning on low mileage PHEVs. Most people have a commute that is only about 35 miles round trip. This car is for people with a garage who live relatively close to work. If you live in the Midwest, have no garage, go on frequent long road trips, and commute 100 miles round trip per day, this car Read more

Jun 9

My 2017 Explorer after parked for 1 week while I was out of town.

Jun 4

I am exactly in the same boat. I will only be buying a manual replacement for my manual GTI or, if no manual, i will go electric. Screw automatics. DoppelKung can Klung itself. No transmission aka electric is better than an auto.

May 18

With infotainment screens, the best place is up high near your line of sight. In this position, you just look over instead of down. Read more

May 6

I actually just submitted my own book, A Legion of Gods, to some potential agents. Medieval knights in early-era race cars, dark magic, crazy animal/machine hybrids possessed by demons. The usual. I commissioned this piece of concept art to help establish the imagery. (Akira was the obvious choice for a poster

Apr 13

Well I’ll be the first to say that if it looks anything like MT’s render (which is pretty likely given the testing mules that have been spotted), I am quite on board with the design.

Apr 12

I wish all the car companies would just go ahead and reveal all their new stuff. Give us something to look forward to. Read more

Jul 4 2019

Apparently I like the overhang beltline styling.