I’ve enjoyed Ant-Man more each times I’ve watched it. I think people were starting to expect MCU films to be, ahem...bigger by that point. We’d just come off Winter Soldier, GotG, and Age of Ultron, so suddenly having a film with a seemingly minor character might have come as a bit of a surprise. I do love that it Read more

I believe you forgot “I’m not kissing you”.
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Unfortunately, Starship Troopers already has its cheesy ‘rah-rah’ anthem, which had much better production values.

Seems a bit aggro to me, especially the use of the term “warfighters”. Read more

I was one of the 245,900 tourists visiting Japan last year. It was amazing. Read more

She’s just not into you Arnolfo. Move on. Read more

Sounds like someone got themselves ghosted....Arnolfo? Read more

Shh. The grown-ups are talking. Read more

Sometimes people ghost because THEY were being abused. So while this law is absurd on the face of it, it really also needs a lot of detailed thought in how to protect people from abusers weaponizing this law to punish the victim of their abuse. Read more

As someone who’s big on saying that the term “snowflake” gets thrown around too easily ... fucking sack up bro. Read more

Hannity then went on to claim that his dad could beat up your dad.
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Ahh ... never change G/O AV Club. I guess all the proof readers were in Chicago.

Nice to see Laura Dern involved with one successful rebellion at least. Read more

I would definitely NOT consider myself a Nick Cage fan. I love some of the movies he’s in (Mandy, The Rock, Face/Off...) but I don’t particularly get excited about him in new roles. With that said... I’ve seen this movie and it’s legit a very fun time! Read more

Fun fact: in his AMA the other day, he mentioned that he gave that jacket to Laura Dern after wrap. Read more

Cage on Cage, Oh Yeah