Jae watches the world turn day-glo

did you see that “prove I’m not an emerald mine heir” thing where apparently his dad was like “ummm” Read more

She is...*unrecognizable* in more ways than one. Read more

“Cancel culture has made it seem as though people can’t grow out of their ignorant ways.” Read more

She’s living a dream that they could never and she’s doing it while being unashamedly non-white Read more

I guess no one told Frankel that the Royal Family employs speech coaches so they don’t sound like, I don't know, grating auctioneers with volume control problems. You know who else had speech coaches? Michelle Obama. Read more

Sounds like the plastic woman is jealous of Meghan Markle. Bethenny Frankel represents the worst that America has to offer in terms of “entertainment”.

Honestly, why do these people hate Meghan Markle so much? I think racism is just one reason but there are others (monetary?). Read more

Of course the British royally screwed the Irish and frankly that faming borders on a form of genocide. Millions of Irish people went into unwanted exile all over the place. Read more

Recognising modern Russia as a capitalist political economy that’s bad even by the standards of capitalism, isn’t pro-communist. If anything it’s pro-capitalist: They point to Russia and say look here’s an example of bad capitalists they’re the ones you should criticise, not us the GOOD capitalists. Read more

Largely because of the colonising European Empires either ignoring, or deliberately breaking up, already existing political groupings when they divvied up Africa between themselves , then deliberately exacerbating existing divisions to prevent the people under their rule uniting to drive them out.  Read more

Therapy makes people feel good about their immorality. I am sure the Queen had loads. Read more

“Have you noticed how mainstream media likes putting lighter-skinned women (non-black or black) in the spotlight, when it came to their appreciation for curvaceous bodies?” Read more

If you think me throwing a dupatta over my jean jacket is tantamount to someone who has spray-tanned themself seven shades darker, we’ve got nothing to discuss.

I'll celebrate her death on principle. Down with monarchs. And death to monarchys. Read more

I saw “Queen is Dead” on Twitter and immediately worried about Beyoncé.
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Ooooooh whatever happened to the false narrative that the new generations were growing up less racist? They invented the term “race card” to deflect from any responsibility about how they treat us then actually turn around INVENT a REAL fuckin race card. You can’t make this shit up. It’s almost embarrassing that THESE Read more

I am most likely not the only person to notice this, but... Read more

Fun fact: there are Black people who have naturally straight hair. There are Black folks who have naturally red, auburn or blonde hair. There are Black folks who have naturally green or blue eyes. There are Black folks who have freckles. There are Black folks who very, very fair. There are Black folks who don’t have a

I thought the fame came from proximity to Paris Hilton and her own sex tape. Read more