Aug 1

It’s like if Homer Simpson decided to build a drift car.

Aug 1

I don’t understand all the hate in here. A lot of you sound like you’re getting old and senile and telling people to get off your yard. The flat-brimmed caps ain’t my cup of tea either, but they’re having fun with cars and being a little reckless, not unlike the majority of us when we were young. Hell, if I got paid Read more

Jul 30

Let’s get a bit obscure here. I give you the Gumpert Apollo. It set the Top Gear track record, had a blazing twin turbo Audi V8, and looks that were umm, too German. It did so well that Gumpert declared bankruptcy because they had done everything they set out to do.

Jul 30

918 Spyder technology for 911 Turbo money...and also slower than a 911 Turbo and no more fuel efficient.

Jul 14

You’d better do it quick, they’re about to become historic collectibles of the 2019 F1 season....

Jul 14

I’m not loyal to any brand energy drink but I kinda want a Rich Energy now

Jul 14

People are talking about Rich Energy. They are drinking it (well, at least once) because it’s in the headlines and now they are curious. Will they sell enough to make this shit show worth it?
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Jun 28 2019

The best part about buying your own bus is that you can piss yourself and smear poop on the seats and NO ONE WILL HAUL YOU OFF IN HANDCUFFS!

Jun 21 2019

Oh, that was no accident...that girl on the left? Guy Fieri’s girlfriend. Found out girl on the right was Guy Fieri’s side-piece and decided to come after her:

Jun 15 2019

Imagine Porsche and Audi would have used extremely expensive rare classics to haul the trophy and Toyota shows up with some old Celica with some body kit like it’s a 90s Japanese teenager’s first car Read more

Jun 6 2019

I’ve honestly had a build going in my head (one of many) of taking a regular cab short bed F150 and swapping in Raptor suspension and fiberglass fenders. But this thing is even more perfect than what I have imagined. I want this as is right now Ford.

Jun 3 2019

tbf - the broken windows theory of policing is mostly discredited and it was very, very racist. The honest answer as to why crime has dropped a ton in the last 25+ years is that no one really knows. Lead poisoning has been an interesting theory.. Read more