Jan 14

Klepper has Sasha Baron Cohen-sized balls. I would not have wanted to be in the middle of that mob even anonymously and I’m a white guy, but he basically started picking fights with those dolts. If one of them had recognized him who had seen any of his previous segments mocking the cultists I’m genuinely afraid for Read more

Nov 2

Does it flip over when outfitted with Firestone tires as well?

Nov 2

NP - This a prime example of a downright practical beater. Talk the seller down to $2k (or less) and ride that sucker into the ground! Read more

Nov 2

There’s purchasing a car, and then there is embracing to aphrodisiac quality of the 3.1 liter modular V6 and faux wood panels. Read more

Oct 16

I have been on stock Android since the first Nexus device... and I’m afraid the idea of subjecting myself to manufacturer bloatware is just something that I will never be able to stomach.  It’s sad that more premium Android phone makers can’t provide the option of a stock Android experience... because I would never Read more

Aug 31

Just in case anyone had not already drawn the very reasonable inference as to where Bill Barr’s loyalties and priorities are at...

Aug 31

I haven’t had an itch I’ve needed to scratch this badly since I got poison oak as a little boy one summer. Like, let us drop the curtain on this awful, shitty act of an administration, already.

Jun 10

I’m glad he did too, it provided an opportunity for Julianne to point out that makeup is not a requirement for offensive brownface costumes.

Jun 9

As someone who was a child prior to the introduction of these seats, here’s what preceded it: babies/infants were held by an adult, but once one had achieved toddler status, you were postioned as any grown person: “Sit still!” Read more

Jun 7

That argument might hold water if it wasn’t for Rowling’s long and well-documented history of transphobic comments combined with her refusal to make any apology or self-correction.

Jun 7

That’s exactly what she implied, since she was addressing an article that was addressing specific problems surrounding menstruation and Covid-19. Therefore the term “people who menstruate” was entirely accurate and appropriate. It was Rowling who took offense and expanded it to mean all cis-women, which was Read more