Nov 12 2013

Why doesn't he just hold up a sign that says "I'm not gay, really!" Cuz that seems to be what this whole stunt is intended to show...

Nov 12 2013

I love that she tried to move the barrier herself. Kind of proves how spontaneous it was and how unpretentious she is that she didn't wait for someone else to move it first.

Nov 11 2013

Was he wearing the video camera like a necklace and just letting it swing randomly around? My curiosity about this was quickly replaced by irritation that it was filmed on a potato - necklace.

Nov 10 2013

Even with a higher price tag, I'd take the Vanagon. Then I would start hunting down a Subaru 2.5 EJ H-4 engine and the manual gearbox to start a Scubie-Dub project.

Nov 7 2013

Gotta say, I have more respect for the French today.

Nov 7 2013

No, no, no. It is already MechaGodzilla. It did not come from the Pacific to destroy Tokyo, it was built by the Japanese to defeat the Godzilla. Instead, being a hybrid it will be Voltron. Worst. Post. Ever, Okulski.

Nov 7 2013

Let's compare that with what a gasoline powered car fire looks like, shall we?

Oct 31 2013

I don't care what anybody says...the Panamera is a beautiful design and an incredible car. Kudos to Porsche for brushing off the critics and having the balls to put it out. I love it.

Oct 30 2013

How to make the Transit Connect more interesting, add this to the middle of the chassis-