GTRZILLAR32-Now saving for Godzilla and a condo
Feb 20

That’s absolutely brilliant. I’m a little extra nerded out since I spent 6 years in a shop as their primary wheel alignment technician (and that was 10 years ago when I quit already... time flies). Read more

Dec 20

It’s a lot more difficult to be cool with them dying when you remember they are almost entirely made up of brainwashed people stolen as children.

Oct 25

I’m not sure I agree on the London level Joshua, it lands for me for a few reasons. No Russian handed you a gun and put you in a pedestrian shooting gallery. Everyone on screen was a target in an arcade gallery and it lacked any real weight or connection, though I certainly understand why it’s considered offensive. Read more

Jul 21 2019

Its been my experience that nothing good ever happens when you wait until the last minute to start pulling things out.

Jul 21 2019

I treat every trip to Walmart like a raid - you get in, do violence on the objective and get the fuck out, you stick to the list, don’t make eye contact and do your best to ignore the fat fucktard with the Glock on his hip in frozen foods.

May 29 2019

Also, it’s got a V-12, gates and 3 pedals. Makes it the last of the line.

May 29 2019

Fuck the people who hate on the F50. I think it looks awesome! It has that racecar for the street look that still looks awesome today

Apr 28 2019

“White Walkers HATE her! This one neat dagger trick will end the Long Night”

Apr 18 2019

I have complicated feelings on this whole thing. I agree that we should vote with our dollars and choosing not to support a business that publicly contributes to causes that are counter to your values is a valid and valuable form of protest. My concern though comes down to the singling-out and virtue signalling of Read more

Apr 14 2019

Coming back from the physical problems is an accomplishment, but we’re just going to pretend all that stuff that derailed him before his back problems didn’t happen? Read more

Apr 3 2019

I am a fan of most all racing series. There was a point where I thought F1 was the pinnacle of racing. And then I got older and realised that its a big parade. F1 keeps SUCH a tight hold on the teams/drivers/media/everyone that its like watching a reality TV show. It seems SO manufactured. Read more

Feb 13 2019

I love that the manual stays - it’s the only way I would ever buy an M car, personally. But it will be the ‘base’ that sells. Read more

Jan 25 2019

I would go for an R33. I actually like them a lot and they don’t deserve the hate they get.  

Jan 17 2019

Hot take: The movie could be two hours of leg-shot/head-shot and judo takedowns and it would still be better than Infinity War.

Jan 17 2019

YES. I’m so excited for this movie. The John Wick films are masterclasses in action and worldbuilding and style and, damn, I’m so glad that Keanu graced us with these movies.