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9:20 AM

The intake noise is what Catchpole was referring to not the exhaust noise as stated in the article. A carbon airbox on the S54 is an absolutely mental induction sound and a lot louder than the stock exhausts.

9:42 AM

You seem like a real nice guy, I pointed out that diesel in this series of trucks is marketed more often towards fuel economy than towing capability, you must’ve skipped over that. I can tell you most buyers don’t use common sense, they buy what they want, like a lot of truck customers I sell would be fine with the V6 Read more

5:45 PM

Oof, so you want to compare HD truck powertrains and tow capabilities to a med duty truck? I mean most of the diesels that are offered in light duty and med duty trucks are offered for mostly fuel mileage advantages and not all out towing capability. Shit, 95% of Chevy Silverado 1500 customers never tow anything above Read more

1:55 PM

I can very much bet that with the threats and attacks that have happened over the last 20 years that police in the third largest NZ city have received some level of mass shooting training. Believe it or not he would probably be taken alive here in the US as well, much like Dylan Roof or Nikolas Cruz was, most dead Read more

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They do explain it rather quickly in the film but it does involve shady banks. I think one thing most reviews gloss over is that Oscar Isaac’s character is an adviser for the in-country police force trying to battle the cartel and that sort of knowledge is what sets the heist/film in motion.