Feb 7

Good points. Article had way too much single-urban snark.

Dec 27

I think Hertz sales let’s you rent before you buy. So you get a 3 day test drive of the actual car you are considering and it’s free if you do end up buying

Oct 29

I’m not claiming this is good advice, but if you want to buy new and not drive it till it strands you my wife has a thing where she buys a 20-something grand car and keeps it past the payoff until she can get about 10k in a trade-in. The 10k being a good-sized down payment for the next car.

Oct 7

Yes! That line NEVER sat right with me. I was actually working in the collateral protection insurance industry when that movie came out, and so I know for a fact that if he was still making payments, he was required to have comp & collision on that truck.

Aug 14

In the grand scheme of things, the next recession won’t be as bad as what happened in 2007-08. They have happened like clockwork every ten years or so for the past 75 years or so. I’m almost 45, so let’s see-I’m remember 1982, 1989, 2000 dotcom bust and 2007. 1982 and 2007 were the worst-I remember my dad being out Read more

Jun 25 2019

If that info is from Canadian Tire, take it with a grain or 20,000 of salt — this is a store that, despite the fact that the word “tire” is in their name, inflates tires to the max pressure on the sidewall of the tire, not what the manufacturer recommends.  They are like Pep Boys with housewares. Read more

Jun 9 2018

I thought not stomping over other’s automotive preferences would have been a prerequisite for this job, but OK. Since I can assume you’re just trolling I’ll not get upset, but I will offer an alternative position. I daily a big ol truck for a number of reasons. Read more

Jun 9 2018

Very few people, including most jalopnik.com writers and readers, buy the vehicle they need. They buy the vehicle they want to and can (sometimes) afford. Nobody needs a BMW, Tesla, sports car, Jeep, roadster or any other car any of us would like to own. They all need a camry or a Grand Caravan. Or really just a bus Read more

Feb 15 2018

They pop the hood of every car that enters the state. If you have a 360, they rip it out and plop in a 225

Feb 8 2018

...and the Jalopnik smear campaign against FCA continues.

I don’t see anything enlightening or surprising in these emails and sounds like standard operating procedure between an OEM and a regulating body. Why do you guys insist on making a big deal out of nothing whenever FCA is involved?

Seriously. Where did Sergio Read more

Jan 18 2018

The badge is right. I think this is a better answer though...

Jan 4 2018

He’s probably only got another 82 payments on that truck. No big deal.

Dec 26 2017

Part of the reason you change your oil is because the oil captures particles and other things and keeps it out of the engine. When you drain, you get to get that crap out of the system.