Nov 5 2017
These things are cheap

Playing around on Autotrader and decided to look up the Nissan Titan XD. I was a little surprised you can buy a XD

Dec 16 2016
Anyone ever had jackfruit?

Friend of the family brought over a jackfruit. I’ve never seen one of these before, what’s the best way to eat one

Nov 26 2016
Think I messed up

I was flying the drone in too windy of conditions and it hit a tree. The camera came off. It still flies fine but

Aug 25 2016
Been one of those days

Came out from my class and found this. Looks like someone scrapped up on my bumper real hard. Took off most of the

Jul 26 2016
So fresh. So clean

Has to be the cleanest 9th gen super duty I’ve seen in a long while. Always liked the way these trucks looked. Very

Jun 5 2016
Bought a thing

Girlfriend has a birthday coming up and I found a bose sound link mini for a good price. Sound is surprisingly good