J Goo
5/11/21 2:26PM

What she said was plenty insensitive and stupid, and I wouldn't call it inconsequential. But I don't like the idea of rendering unemployable everyone who said something insensitive and stupid in high school. 

3/19/21 6:45AM

>> The attorney also shared an image of a text message, supposedly between Hammer and Effie, in which the actor seemingly tries to distance himself from her. The attorney says it is “just one of hundreds.” Read more

3/04/21 11:16AM

Goddamn, Mads Mikkelsen is a good-looking man.

1/07/21 3:08PM

Even though this is what Fisher wants, it’s not a great look for DC that the whistle-blower is out and the actor who choked a fan is still in.

12/21/20 11:04AM

I think it’s possible the 2020 blockbusters that have been released so far were the ones the studios were comfortable dumping in empty theaters and/or on streaming. There are plenty of big movies from this year that aren’t out yet (Bond, Black Widow, Dune, In The Heights, Antlers, F9, The Green Knight, Top Gun, Free Read more

12/17/20 6:55PM

We're about to enter the Decade of Pugh, and I can't wait. 

12/10/20 7:00AM

There’s an essay that takes a stab at what the ending of the play might mean. Spoilers, obviously: Read more

12/10/20 6:04AM

Film is inherently a more literal medium than theater, I think. Even stage shows that try to seem realistic are bathed in artifice; in many productions, the artifice is part of the appeal. It’s easier to get an audience to accept archetype and metaphor and all kinds of dramatic exaggeration when everyone knows the Read more

12/06/20 11:56AM

I for one welcome an SNL reviewer who still likes SNL. 

12/01/20 11:45AM

If they do, they’ll get a real kick out of your reviews.

10/22/20 3:45PM

Maybe it’s just me, but I think it would be hilarious if she started going by Megan T. Stallion.

10/14/20 5:20PM

Its core demographic has never understood YouTube, and never will.

10/13/20 7:35PM

Listen - Hannah Grose has become unstuck in time.

10/13/20 7:35PM

With you 100% on the Castle Rock flashbacks. Season one disappointed, and I gave up on season two, but I’ll defend The Queen as one of the best episodes of TV of the last ten years.

10/09/20 6:16PM

Seriously. Space Mountain is a perfectly fine little roller coaster that I remember virtually nothing about. The Haunted Mansion is *amazing*.