Feb 18

The political shit on here has been exceptionally bad of late, I guess they’re trying to lose any of the few readers left who are interested in cars. 

Feb 14

All manner of bikes on track with a Canon 7Dii & 300F4:

Feb 10

I don’t get the key message here - It’s too expensive? Dealers have Gladiators sitting on lots? Jeep doesn’t know how many they expect to sell?

Feb 7

“Think better of it” ha haha hahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

Feb 6

This seems like a good place to tease the fact that I’m on the verge of making the most foolish minivan purchase you can possibly imagine. (More later, but just prepare yourselves). 

Feb 5

True. Back when I was young and moved a lot, I always rented a minivan with stow and go seats. It was fantastic, and I learned then how great minivans are despite the hate.

Feb 5

I loved our minivan in high school. In the 3rd row, there’s plenty of privacy for some extracurricular activities with your special someone ;).

Feb 5

The mid-row Stow and Go compartments will hold 120 bottles of beer, FWIW.

Feb 5

Counterpoint: 3 row unibody crossovers ARE minivans minus the sliding door. 

Jan 24

Nope. They are Hellcat Widebody replica rims. I bought them satin black and added white vinyl to the spokes. Have recently painted them dark anthracite, with a matte gray metallic on the spokes.

Jan 10 2020

Frankly, your statement above, along with all your other writings on unions, leads me to believe that there is no argument anyone could make that could away you. You’ve made up your mind, and shut down any objectivity regarding the subject.
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