Why are the mean, bullying types always (mostly) so, so beautiful? She’s also smart, charming, and funny—which is very unfair—but she definitely bullied and intimidated Tyra on purpose. Read more

He’s known for throwing shit and being awful, but I don’t remember hearing anything for a few years now. Even still, she threatened to stab him in the neck with a wine glass. I think being physically removed from the room is about as reasonable of a response one could expect. Read more

Tyra does seem like a genuinely sweet person... I can’t see her being mean to anyone (it’s been a minute since I’ve seen ANTM though so maybe I’m wrong?) ... Naomi, on the other hand, will cut a bitch.. Read more

Nah, even RZA is corroborating Crowd’s version of events and she was his plus one. Banks has a long history of starting shit with people and then acting as though she was the one who was really under fire. It’s her M.O. Read more

I’m a cynical bastard, But I cried over this. I had heard the true story it’s based on before. I wasn’t the biggest fan before, but the grace with which Downie has embraced his fate and chosen to use his platform is astonishing, and makes me proud. Read more

Yes, it does, but in this case there seem to be multiple witnesses (including her friend) backing up his story. So far it sounds like he wasn’t the problem in this situation. First time for everything! Read more

To each his/her own, but... no. Read more

Thank you for this, hadn’t seen it. Read more

uh, the tragically hip just finished their last tour ever because Gord Downie has fuckin’ inoperable BRAIN CANCER. which he toured with, so he could provide us with one giant national goodbye. sorry but that’s simultaneously the most bad-ass and tearjerking thing you can do, which automatically makes the Hip the Read more

A. I’m Canadian and I agree that this video is lame. I’m embarrassed. Read more

If you’re going to be mad about something, don’t forget that we burned down the White House the last you tried to invade our fucking country. Don’t mess with Canada. Read more

The Hip are awesome, and Tim Hortons is a national treasure. BUT, in the spirit of our neighbors, I’ll politely call you a hoser and go watch some hockey. Read more

Although an employee’s status as an alcoholic or a recovering drug addict may merit protection under the ADA in certain circumstances, including when the employee is in rehabilitation and is no longer using, an employee or job applicant is not “a qualified individual with a disability” if he or she is “currently Read more

It’s illegal to fire someone because they can’t do their job? Read more

Or maybe she got fired because she had addiction issues that interfered with her ability to do her job. Read more

Hey dude, this is not the time to make Hip jokes. Especially not considering we’re also responsible for Nickelback. Read more

As a maple-sucker myself, this is really pathetic and condescending. Also, untrue! Read more

“Because now Canada thinks they’re better than us.”
Read more

“We thought we’d just send you a little love note. We like you guys.” Read more