George Brett

"What is different with the USS America and her Aviation Combat Element (ACE) are the capabilities that the F-35B brings to these ships, which for the very first time are on par with anything the Navy's super carriers embark." Read more

I mean, hell, how are you going to be stealthy when you're blaring Wagner every time you go into battle? Read more

I liked this one. I'm sure nobody knew they were there.

or underway know, whatever's clever. Read more

Fixed it for you. Stealthy!!!!!

Stealthy? Have you ever been around one? They sound like freight trains fucking in a tornado. Read more

That's still pretty damn big. A standard semi-trailer is 53' long. Read more

I was thinking to myself, "Surely this cannot be 98' long" so I looked it up. It's 52' feet long and 98' from rotor-tip to rotor-tip. So, I guess technically it is, but the part of the chopper I was looking at was about half that long. Read more