George Brett

Even if they weren't making LCAC's you need a well deck for amphibs. Read more

True, I served aboard LPH-10 Tripoli and LPH-3 Okinawa. We used gators like the Denver, LPD-9, for amphibs. With the larger LHA's they can carry enough Marines for both air and beach assaults. Read more

Yes, they could launch LCAC's from an LHD or another LHA. There is always more than one assault ship in a MEU since you can't put an entire Marine Expeditionary Unit on one LHA or LHD. The LHD doesn't have a full flight deck so its aviation component is augmented by the LHA. Read more

This author doesn't know what he is talking about. He doesn't know the difference between an LHA and an LHD. He claims this LHA was designed like an LHD. An LHD will definitely have a well deck, that it's purpose. Then he calls the LHA a gator, that's an LHD. Read more

The Warthog is outdated and no longer an effective platform when compared to current US technology. Would Russia or Cuba like to have it? Yes. So, let's sell it to them, it is over 45 years old. Read more

You'll need some wing stubs to hang armament on. Read more

Army dimwits call them choppers. Marines call them helos. Read more

The correct term is tandem rotor. The Marine Corps already traded in its tandem-rotor Phrogs for more modern tiltrotor MV-22's that the Chinook can't hold a candle to. Read more

The Army is ok with lots of substandard crap. Why are they still flying 52 year-old helicopters when the Marines have a new tiltrotor that will fly circles around this junk and has a much better range. The Osprey has already flown missions over 1000 miles. This thing is so last century. Read more

The Marine's CH-53 Sea Stallion is huge in comparison. Read more

Only if you are talking about ground avoidance radar. And what would be the purpose? You are flying less than 200 MPH. Read more

Exactly, this entire article is a pile of manure by someone who doesn't know what he's talking about. Read more

Why don't e just send in a couple of biplanes? Read more

That's exactly right. There are several platforms that does it better. Sure, the Air Force will use the outdated A-10's when they don't need any better platform. Read more