It's Like That And
Aug 23 2019

And why does it have to be people playing football? Why can’t it be dogs?

May 27 2019

The deaths of my heroes allow me to focus on what is truly important: me.

Nov 12 2018

The reliance on standardized testing also really strips away much of the nuance and critical thinking that can/should be taught as part of the material. Standardized tests reduce material like history to chronology and bullet points. This happened then. That happened because of X and Y. Literature becomes about Read more

Sep 18 2018

I’ve said this a thousand times on this post so sorry if I’m being annoy8ng to people but Sesame Street is a liberal educational show. If you didn’t watch it, you should have. It embraces everything that Trumpers hate: mixed race families, same sex households, gender equality, celebration of diversity. There are kids Read more

Jul 21 2018

Thr one thing it was not was a “freak” accident. The lake and weather were a mess. Anyone that stayed on that boat was a fool.

Jun 17 2018

Nah, watching professional golfers fail is amazing, especially since it’s only once a year. If every tournament was like this it would suck, but making them look like me at my local muni is extremely satisfying for those of us who need a five iron to hit a shot the pros would use a pitching wedge on.

Jun 4 2018

LeBron’s head is looking like a picture from a World Wildlife Fun pamphlet illustrating the devastating effects of deforestation.

May 23 2018

If you read the article, you might have noticed the quoted line from the ruling noting that the issue at play is whether a *public official* can do so, which the judge ruled one cannot. Preventing constituents whose politics a public official disagrees with from responding to their twitter-issued public statements is Read more

May 23 2018

That top image makes it look like he’s forcing Jeff Bezos to smell his belly button.

May 23 2018

Hopefully Richie doesn’t allow this one incident to define him. After all, he’s done so many other terrible things already because he’s a shit person.

May 17 2018

Look at him, he runs like a Welshman! Doesn’t he? Doesn’t he run like a Welshman?