Aug 17

I think if you take politics out of it (which is hard to do with these people, I get it) my guess is that George and KellyAnne are equally narcissistic themselves, and both crave attention and power regardless of the medium. George was a “short-list” candidate for Solicitor General under Trump but now he’s gone and fou Read more

Jul 16

Yeah my folks split literally a month after I left for college (sister was already out and doing her thing). I was finally getting settled in and making friends and then my dad and mom conference-call me with the “We gotta talk...” tone. I guess they had decided quite some time before that once I was out, marriage Read more

Jul 13

I loved Last of Us Pt 2 and part of me wanted to immediately start a new play-through after finishing so I could maybe catch things I might have missed, but mentally that might have been draining. Read more

Jul 10

When I fought that monstrosity (on Hard mode, the one right below Survivor I think) I had a full complement of pipe bombs and a full flamethrower. I ended up killing it before any of the other creatures spawned off of it. I missed out!

Jun 27

I got a deal and paid $119 for a full year.  I think normal price is $179 annually, or $19.99 a month.  You get full access to everything regardless!

Jun 26

Agreed.  I went with GuitarTricks instead.  Massive database of lessons for both technique and songs.  Way better interface too!

Jun 25

I bought my first guitar (Taylor BBT Acoustic) on my 34th birthday last year. The first 6 months were hell. I remember hating the 20-30 minutes a day I carved out to practice on the Yousician app because I couldn’t transition even the basic chords. Then my wife got me a cheap electric for Christmas that came with Read more

Jun 10

HOLY SHIT!  My wife and I just finished the 60 day Insanity Max 30 workouts, and turns out Shaun T’s husband is Scott Blokker, AKA the modifier guy!  Mind blown.

May 26

It’s fucking gross how the police unions come out on their bullshit and say “HEY HOLD UP WE DON’T HAVE ALL THE FACTS THESE ARE GOOD COPS” but it’s like nah, you saw what you needed to see from citizens who did the right thing and recorded it all: 1) a black man that didn’t have any weapons, 2) was ALLEGEDLY committing Read more

Apr 7

Joe Biden is craven and shitty and the Republicans just want Democrats to die. I guess they want to even out the numbers for all the Republicans who are going to die in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Texas thanks to the ineptitude of their Governors during this pandemic.

Mar 5

Minnesota is a strange place. I wasn’t born there but I lived there for 15 years, married into a generations-long Minnesota family, and made all my closest friends there. Bernie won Minnesota in 2016 because of all the negative energy surrounding Hillary Clinton. It’s not that Minnesotans believe in their heart of Read more

Mar 4

It makes me extremely sad how few people in the 18-29 demo got out and voted in the primaries. I’m sure part of it has to do with Texas fucking around and closing polling places, or California having HOURS long wait times to vote. The GOP knows that fair elections will be the death of their party. Hence the mass Read more

Feb 21

Woman solo-parenting on a fight from Charlotte to London with 3 kids. She was at her wits end already from the look of it, and one kid suddenly started barfing all over himself during takeoff. This led to the two other kids also barfing all over themselves. Lots of smelly awful barf all over the middle row of a Read more

Feb 12

“When comparing the badness of two words, and you can’t even say one of them...that’s the worse word.” - John Mulaney Read more

Feb 12

Anyone who is from Minnesota, or lived in Minnesota for an extended amount of time, knows somebody who knows somebody that was an extra in the original movies or something like that. My wife likes to point out that it’s absolutely ridiculous that the roller-blading scene in the first movie takes place across 3-4 Read more

Feb 4

Or because I, as jump master, picked a location not to their liking even though they didn’t bother to tag a preference on the map.

Feb 3

The actor who plays the former cop is Derek Cecil but you may recognize him as Seth Grayson from House of Cards, the skeezy press secretary? Or chief of staff maybe? I can’t remember his character’s title but that’s where I remember him from.

Jan 23

Just FYI it’s Espinoza vs. Montana Department of Revenue, not Minnesota.

Jan 22

My wife was on a flight from MN back to California and a 17 year old male sexually assaulted the 21 year old woman sitting next to him. She was asleep and woke up to him touching her. He was traveling with his family who were all sitting in front of him. The flight attendants worked quick and there happened to be an Read more

Jan 13 2020

At least there’s no controversy over the host? My wife and I have only seen 3 of the best picture nominated films this year. Nobody cares what I think but here you go: Read more