5/27/21 11:03AM

So, Pirates of the Caribbean meets the main cast of The Mummy. ... yeah, okay. That’s a pretty peanut butter-chocolate combination, really...

4/06/21 3:38PM

Thats too on the nose. You bring in Shinzon. Make him look like he is now and it’ll be like the robits were like “Hey Picard, we made you younger, faster, stronger than ever before. You’ll be like a 6 Million Latinum Man

3/22/21 3:36PM

I am so freaking excited for this! Zatanna is one my favorite DC characters and I absolutely LOVED her mini-series in the Seven Soldiers of Victory by Grant Morrison. My dream is for them to adapt that comic. All I know is she better wear her iconic outfit at least once, like, she is a show woman, there is no excuse. Read more

3/22/21 2:40PM

More informed geeks correct me if I’m wrong, but was Zatanna first storyline about searching for her father the first multi-book storyline? It started in Hawkman went through Batman, The Atom and Green Lantern before concluding in Justice League. And her father Zatara was in no less than Action Comics #1.

3/22/21 1:43PM

Ok, the first movie holds up exceptionally well. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but the 1990 movie had no right being as good as it was. Like, just look how the story handles the dynamics between Raphael and the rest of the team. They made him a hot-head with anger issues, they could easily have just

3/18/21 6:38PM

I recall back when Rebels first aired, people were jokingly referring to Ezra as “Space-Aladdin” because of the parallels. 

3/15/21 12:46PM

She reminded me of “mother” from Pink Floyd’s The Wall. I couldn’t pin it down at first, but there it was.

3/15/21 11:33AM

A serious question: in addition to criminal harassment, is she also creating and distributing child pornography? Like, the nude bodies depicted belong to people over 18, but the intention is to create pornography of a child. It’s a facsimile of a child, but the intention is for that facsimile to be indistinguishable Read more

3/09/21 5:56PM

I wrote another reply, but my take is that post 9/11 sucked ass for millennials entering their teenage years (ditto for 2008) creating no nostalgia, so they can only pull from 90's kids shows. These shows aren’t really dealing with many themes/much story-continuity, so they have to gut the whole thing and shoe-horn in Read more

2/24/21 1:18PM

It makes zero sense at all, but I was halfway through this article and deeply confused before I realized that I was mixing up ‘The Bridges of Madison County’ with ‘Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil.’ To be fair; they were both hit books about picturesque locations that had film adaptations by Clint Eastwood that Read more

2/23/21 5:26PM

ROFL...neighbors and parents “discovered” the site, huh? Any word on which dad or dads outed her to the rest? Jesus is fine with us LOOKING at OnlyFans,’s only the posters who need to be kicked out. You couldn’t pay me to send my kids to a Catholic school. 

2/22/21 3:30PM

I’m very very far from convinced that the Snyder cut is the masterpiece that fanboys have been demanding. But I do have to admit, Snyder called out WB’s attempt to get him to release the raw footage for the bullshit it absolutely is. Those three reasons are exactly right, no doubt about it that that’s exactly what Read more

2/14/21 9:50AM

The whole idea of “method acting”, where you torment your actors to get a “better” performance out of them, needs to go the fuck away. What’s wrong with just, you know, ACTING?

2/14/21 6:50AM

Or...Herzog Syndrome. A person this website (among others) recently has come to adore. He threatened to kill an actor. He also chopped down rain forest to drag a boat over a hill. Using often unpaid indigenous labor to do so. Many died during the shooting. And others were disfigured.

2/13/21 12:10PM

I perpetually believe China is up to something. I KNOW that the US is up to something. But this story should have yielded physical evidence by now. 

2/12/21 6:28PM

Like just how was a single chip in a laptop supposed to store and send all data on that laptop to china? Magic tech waves? I want networking details!
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