4/06/21 3:22PM

I hope it means some sort of time-travel shenanigans will let us see young Captain Picard’s first crew. The image the leaped out at me was that copy of Milton’s Paradise Lost - could that actually be from Wrath of Khan? Like, is robot Picard going around gathering keepsakes from past Trek adventures so that he can Read more

3/22/21 4:10PM

SSoV was a great story. I recently went back and re-read the early 90's mini-series - art wasn’t super, but the story was pretty good, and it connected her heritage from BOTH parents, not just her father.

3/21/21 12:20PM

Sure, but what about Scott Lang or Clint Barton? While I’m certain there is a fair degree of racism coming from the loan officer, that scene could have played out nearly identically for any number of characters (though probably not as effectively as with Sam).

3/18/21 4:47PM

Big time. The hair, the thievery, even Taylor’s voice was just straight-up mimicking Aladdin. Somebody even calls him a Loth-Rat in the fist episode :)

3/15/21 4:59PM

Having her represent us is one of the perks. She’s approaching Maisy Hirono levels of cool here. Careful though - you’ll want to stay well North of Springfield if you’re looking for anyone like-minded. Even then, I’d recommend driving around before buying anything - see how many Trump signs are still up in people’s Read more

3/09/21 3:42PM

But why though? I’m not opposed to a show focused on 20-somethings trying to live a new life after spending their childhood as literal superheroes, especially with this cast, but it feels like all they really took from the original was the name. I dunno, unless they get Tom Cavanaugh to play Professor Utonium or Read more

2/24/21 2:06PM

As someone who watches The Crow about every-other Halloween, yeah it holds up. It’s still just so emotionally resonant, and the cast is great. Michael Wincott (playing the villain) can go from slow-burn menacing to full-on scenery-chewing in a heartbeat, and I love every second he’s on screen.

Innerspace is so much Read more

2/22/21 7:16PM

I REALLY hope Moore gets the tone right. Yes, it can be exciting and scary in parts, but it just really needs to be dense in mythology, and light in tone. And there better be puns. Really, really bad puns :)

2/22/21 4:28PM

I hate that I agree with Snyder on any topic at all, but he’s totally in the right here. Releasing a rough-cut probably did look attractive to WB, but really the most likely outcome is that it would have sparked a new round of backlash and moaning about the “Real Snyder Cut”. The only no-cost solution was to just not b Read more

2/20/21 12:25PM

I whole-heartedly agree with your premise, sir. I think Gizmodo dot com should buy me a fish tank as well. To whom should I submit my contact information?

2/12/21 3:31PM

I’ve taken to calling it ‘Kubrick Syndrome’. I doubt Stanley Kubrick was the first ‘auteur’ who made his bread and butter by torturing his actors, but he’s certainly become the template.

2/12/21 11:19AM

I....uh... I... gobsmacked. That looks like someone tried to combine the Disney Herc with WildC.A.T.S. to, well, mixed results. Wow.

2/12/21 9:44AM

While my main point is that Disney ought to be offering more comprehensive compensation to their furloughed Parks employees, I feel like you hit on an interesting distinction here. Disney didn’t technically fire her - simply elected not to re-sign her. To the public eye, it’s a much more passive action. The end result Read more

2/11/21 4:18PM

Yeah, I remember having ‘Orange Drink’ with my very first Happy Meal back in the late 70's. Now, whether that was actually the Hi-C branded orange flavor could be another story.

I also remember the toy was some kind of plastic flying toy powered by rubber-band, and that it was just utter garbage. Ah, memories....