I Think I Lost It
Jul 1 2019

Not to mention that the video wasn’t released by some bystander or even a media organisation - but by the French Presidential Palace. It’s pretty indicative of Macron’s contempt for Trump and his administration, that he would coldly expose such a humiliating interaction. And the other world leaders in it aren’t making Read more

Jul 1 2019

And he’s expecting new Sherman Tanks that haven’t been built for like 60 years. July 4th is going to suck this year because of this asshat. 

Jul 1 2019

I’m from a tribe whose homelands are bisected by the US/Mexico border, and there is a heavy BP presence in my community. The following is a c&p from a paper I wrote for grad school: Now in 2019, it is estimated that the Border Patrol presence in TON is one Border Patrol agent for every 28.4 TON members in the US Read more

Jul 1 2019

Because it’s not professional attire and this is a professional event. Trust me, there’s enough room in the world to also criticize her poor choice of clothing.

Jun 25 2019

Great time & place for attempting an unfunny joke. Good on ya.

Jun 24 2019

I think about the time I posted the Margaret Atwood quote here and got flamed for days from men who thought it of vital importance that I recognize that it is #NotAllMen. They cited examples of all the times they got rejected and didn’t attack anyone (of course they didn’t get rejected very often because they were Read more

Jun 21 2019

In 2008, my mother spent $5,800 (Canadian) on a weeklong houseboat rental at Sproat Lake as a 20th-wedding anniversary present for my husband. Included: our two young children, and my parents - a package deal from hell. Also: neither my husband or I were consulted about this - we were told the reservation was Read more

Feb 12 2019

I love that the top comment is a white woman passing this over because she, personally, is tired of it. Because she totally speaks for the black people who’re tired of white people acting like this shit is okay and just in the past. FFS I’m so sick of white people acting like they’re our allies and friends when they Read more

Feb 11 2019

He wasn’t a baby when The Man Show was on, it premiered when he was 32.

Feb 11 2019

I hate that shit. Those kids don’t deserve any of it and every year when another “hilarious” Halloween video of his comes out, I feel the same way. 

Feb 11 2019

I still think his inner asshole shines through with his “Hey parents, I’ll put you on TV if you act like a jerk to your kids and make them cry” schtick. They parents are willingly putting themselves out there but every time I see those I feel bad for the little kids. 

Dec 14 2018

I’ve never understood white elephant gift exchanges as opposed to drawing someone’s name out of a hat and capping the price of an actual present. White elephants are basically saying, “Here, you take this crap I don’t want.” or worse, you’ve got to go spend money to get a piece of crap to give to someone else, and you Read more

Dec 9 2018

I wondered where Pam Poovey was working now.

Dec 8 2018

i’m actually hoping someone will fly into bits.

Oct 22 2018

To preface: I have a lot of weird sleep... things. As a kid, I would get pretty serious night terrors. If you don’t know what that is, it’s when you wake up (but not really) screaming. With your eyes open. As you can imagine, I was a delight to raise. Read more

Oct 16 2018

I know, I waited too long to post! We were in Hocking Hills.