The Second Series Curse

With any medium not everything is a sure thing, even when something starts out amazing things can go wrong. I call this the second series curse when it comes to anime, where a series second outing just doesn’t live up to the first. Now these anime aren’t necessarily the worst; just compared to their predecessors…


Final Fantasy XV Blip: Well this little bar/gamer fight can finally settle down and people on either side of the argument have something to talk about again. According to Square Enix Final Fantasy XV broke even on Day One. Guess the 10 million copies to break even was a slight exaggeration.

Tales of... (Re)Ranking

I love the Tales of... Series it is currently one of my favorite JRPG series on the market right now. As I continue to work my way through Tales of Berseria I have decided to update this little list of mine and rank all the modern Tales of games. As you might have noticed this list will only include all of what I…

Nioh Blip: The weird Koei Tecmo Souls inspired Samurai game featuring a Japanese clone of Geralt of Rivia has gone gold. The game releases worldwide February 7th, 2017. Anyone looking forward to the finished product?