I kept seeing that sentiment on nerd enthusiast sites, I am not going to lie, if you cried during this movie and aren't a teenager, go see better art. Read more

Movie makes $300,000,000 opening weekend, fanboy reads valid criticism he can't refute, "You don't get it because they made it for the fans!!!!1!!" Read more

Nah, they know it is wrong and just don't care. You can justify petty robbery because of economic status, not murder or poaching. Read more

Why are you being an arrogant ignorant ass? Twitch Prime is included in Amazon Prime. There is no additional subscription fee. Additionally, you are just wrong about the Nintendo online service deal. You get 3 months free and then in 60 days you can redeem an additional 9 months. Read more

People are very melodramatic. Read more

Counter-point: his speech came across as canned and entirely self-serving. Read more

Far Cry 5 is the best in the series and one of the best games of the year. Read more

Or use a character that is easy to cheese. You will get better results without being good and will be able to learn the basics without wanting to pull your hair out. Read more

Considering you only have to finish the 7th chapter it seems more akin to Frozen Wilds where it takes place just prior to the conclusion. Read more

Oh, there would no doubt be concern, but there is a zero percent chance they could have (and they definitely didn't) run into town, report it, and gather a posse so quickly. Read more

I just don't understand how the law is alerted in this game. I decided to rob a train, silently and unseen. I boarded a train hogtied the engineer and stopped the train in the middle of a bridge isolated from any town and without any passenger being aware. I didn't even get through the first car before the law Read more

The voice acting isn’t as good for Alexios IMO. The one really appealing thing about Kassandra is that they don’t change any of the dialogue options/lines so she is a bad ass mercenary of death. Something that is not too common for women in media. Read more

AC Unity was a magnificent and beautiful game that unfortunately got unfairly maligned because the internet decided to meme it to death (see also: Mass Effect: Andromeda). Read more

I honestly had no idea Darksiders III was coming out this year, let alone in a week. Read more

Don't erase the Browns tie from the history books. They need to wear that like a scarlet letter. Read more

I have no idea what cameo you are talking about (although through context clues you ironically just spoiled it for me) but I unlocked the Homecoming suit already. I don't think it is connected to the story. Read more

I didn't read the note, what was the reasoning? Read more