1 hr ago

There are some eco/pet safe option out there. They are more expensive, but since you’re mixing it with sand you probably won’t need as much each time. I use the below brand and have been happy with how well it melts ice/keeps snow from sticking. Read more

10:55 AM

It is. The Benedryl seems to be helping more this morning. Last night it didn’t seem to do anything, but laying there trying to sleep is not the best place to try to forget you are itchy. I can distract myself with work and stuff now. 

10:53 AM

I am working from home, which I planned because my landlord has some people coming in to do cleaning repairs that will involve ladders and the roof and that is likely to freak my dog out. Read more

10:44 AM

This happened to me with mangoes when I was in my early twenties - I swelled up and had trouble breathing after drinking a glass of mango juice, whereas previously dried mango was one of my favorite treats. The immune system is so odd.

10:33 AM

This is a good idea. I will do that as soon as I’m done working today. Thank goodness I can work from home. I would NOT want to be out in the real world all cranky and itchy. 

10:04 AM

Virus is possible but idk that all over hives happen with them. I’ve only ever seen them in isolated areas when it’s a virus. My allergic reactions include a sore, itchy throat & mouth. Read more

9:40 AM

Yeah, unless it is some weird virus, it is probably something like that. In my old age I have started having allergic reactions to random beauty products. That was part of why I am so confused- what do I put all over my body?? God, if I’m allergic to All Free and Clear, I’m fucked...

9:37 AM

See part of what was making me feel bad yesterday was a slight sore throat. So I thought I was possibly getting a cold or something. That could be it. Read more

9:34 AM

Could be a virus, maybe. I’ve had hives from a low level viral infection.

1:04 AM

Damn...they did the Sideshow Bob defense:

“Your honor, how many people talk about killing an ICE agent?”

10:27 PM

At this point, all I have to offer to this debate is a shrug. A 16 year old boy died at a CBP prison at the managers watched him die, recently. So...**shrug** ICE and the rest aren’t a victim of anything but its own evil and hubris.

7:42 PM

Well, we’re also doing that because the white part of the country seems ostensibly incapable of understanding that “truth” comes before “reconciliation”.