Friday 7:24PM

It’s almost like we don’t need to be following any of this high school cafeteria drama, and should just stop typing endlessly about it online.

Friday 3:40PM

Please watch the Black Mirror episode starring Mackie, about two men who explore their attraction via virtual reality videogames, before making assumptions about what he is, and is not, comfortable with. Read more

Friday 1:32AM

He told you why, though. It promotes toxic masculinity by not letting sensitive hetero males be express themselves in platonic relationships without being labelled as “gay” or “effeminate”.

Thursday 8:45PM

He probably could’ve phrased it better, but I agree with the underlying sentiment 100%. It’s absurd that every male friendship gets distorted into a potential gay relationship, even when there’s no evidence beyond the relationship being just a male friendship. Happens with female friendships, too (see, e.g., Read more

Thursday 2:28PM

Easy bud, we’re talking about 2 different things here. If people choose to live together to save money that’s one thing. If they are clearly disheveled and are immature assholes who mooch off their family members, that’s something completely different. Read more

Thursday 2:11PM

Let me guess, they’ve got money for weed and video games but no money to feed themselves or pay their own rent. There’s a few guys I know from my high school still doing that, and I’m nearly 35.
Read more

Thursday 12:50PM

Look, I could bring all 15M Thin Mints into my house and my son would STILL manage to eat damn near all of them, leaving three of them in one box. I taught him too well...

6/14/21 7:38PM

Haven’t accomplished a damn thing in our lives? I once did that thing where you put a pile of coins on your elbow and swing your hand down to catch them, and I’m pretty sure I got, like, 75% of those coins. A lot clattered under the couch, but still. Checkmate. 

6/14/21 5:18PM

I think the problem is more that it seems like every player of significance with an R next to their name is perfectly okay espousing the small government stuff you mention being in support of (well, the border is big government stuff) while also choosing to stay silent about or supporting members of their party at the Read more

6/14/21 11:41AM

Blocking a driveway means you get run over? That’s questionable logic there, my dude. And yeah, if you’ve just attacked someone by ramming them with your car,  I think you can expect to get stuff thrown at you.

6/14/21 11:37AM

The miners are well within their rights to picket their shitty employer. But even if they weren’t, it’s still illegal for the trucks to run people over.  You don’t have the right to maim people because they’re in your way.

6/14/21 5:47AM

This is fragile ‘masculinity’. Imagine not having fun because you are worried what people think you look like. Insecure much?

6/12/21 7:39PM

I’ll go out on a limb here and guess that the whole QPA vs. GPA issue never was an issue until some smart black kids kicked ass while taking harder classes. When the white kids were honored in past years based on QPA somehow —as if by magic— the result seemed to be much less problematic. Read more

6/12/21 1:44PM

“Ikeria and Layla won based on a calculation of quality point average or Q.P.A., a system of calculating grades that gave extra weight to advanced placement and dual credit courses. But, it turned out, Dominic and Emma were the top two finishers based on unweighted grade point average. Read more

6/11/21 2:24PM

He is not an engineer. Nor is he a scientist. Nor is he a manufacturing expert.

6/11/21 2:11PM

What kind of engineer? Because I’m a mech eng, and this sounds like hell. Read more