Yesterday 10:39AM

First, find out why the engine was replaced at 130,000 miles. (I’m guessing IMS bearing failure!) Read more

6/11/21 10:37PM

If “Good design requires fewer inputs”, then why the hell would they remove purpose-designed tactile controls for functions and instead...make you dig around in a touchscreen menu?

6/11/21 10:25PM

Sooo.... the Tesla Atom?   That’ll be fun!

6/10/21 3:20PM

I think the real solution to the frequent crashes at the 11'8" bridge is to make it smaller. Hear me out! Read more

6/09/21 1:02PM

We’re talking about the Reuters and Bloomberg articles where VW and Renault have gotten into trouble for cheating on diesel emissions, right? The article is about a VW executive lying about it to the German legislators. Read more

6/09/21 12:37PM

There are plenty of passenger cars that do long-haul interstate driving, which is what diesels excel at. The max efficiency advantages of diesel engines (~35%, if I remember my thermodynamics right) over gasoline engines will mean that it always is an attractive option for ICE. The current problem with diesels has Read more

6/08/21 11:29PM

Please show us the underpriced hybrid CUV getting 40 mpg and towing 4000 lbs that starts at $20,000.

6/08/21 3:17PM

Don’t come here, because AmeriKKKa is a racist as fuck place, if you’re coming here as a brown person seeking a better life, be prepared for 45% of the people here (and much higher percentages in Red states) to hate your guts, accuse you of being drug-dealing rapists, or in the worst case be itching for a chance to Read more

6/08/21 12:05AM

Or a live-action Rick and Morty!

6/06/21 7:42PM

The YA adaptation of this is basically Pirates of the Caribbean, without Jack Sparrow.

6/06/21 7:05PM

“I think that what’s fun about the TVA is it takes something remarkable, like time travel, and really packages it in a very soulless, sort of bureaucratic way.” He says. “That’s what was exciting to me, as a writer, was to take something so magical and just make it utterly soulless.’” Read more

5/29/21 1:17AM

The most interesting characters in the classic / 90s Disney shows have always been the villains (and they usually get the best songs!). From Maleficent to Scar, Gaston to Hades, audiences love to hate them. Joker, Maleficent, and (especially) Wicked the musical, shows that there are billions to be made in reinventing Read more

5/29/21 1:11AM

But that would just be two hours of watching an indoctrination into the medieval Catholic Church.

5/28/21 10:29PM

Even if you’ve watched Zombieland a hundred times, and you’ve memorized the dialogue, it’s still a better and probably more entertaining movie (YMMV of course) than watching Army of the Dead the first time.

5/26/21 7:59PM

For all we know, there could be a completely logical reason for Tesla to be going this route to their autonomous goal (which I agree is nowhere close to fruition), but since Tesla doesn’t do press, we don’t get a clarification. If it was GM, they’d just put out a press release with an explanation. Since we don’t get Read more

5/26/21 6:23PM

Yeah, I should have realized the Arrival trailer was being very Nolan-y.