Jul 29

Here is a crazy idea. If police want to police protests, they must do it in full uniform with full badge number visible if they want to have the privileges that come with being the police. If you want to arrest someone, you get to do it under the scrutiny of the public. If you need to defend yourself with force, you Read more

Jul 29

Plain clothes, running up and snatching someone without clear establishment of what authority you are representing is not how we as Americans accept an arrest. This person was not a violent extremist or anything that would require a tactic of this level. Nor would would we arrest someone who did meet that level in Read more

Jul 29

Fuck you. 

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Jul 29

Do you lick the boot or do you also suck on it too? Like whats your technique.

Also, the negative partisanship is the reason we have no empathy anymore...and when you can look at this an be like “cool” then our democracy is fucking dead.

Jul 24

If you think Gizmodo should ignore all the shit going on in the world and just stick to aliens, you should probably find a new website to read.

Jul 23

Well, if you remove the spare tire cover, gives you an extra 6 inches or so of depth in the hatch. Not quite as spacious as a GTI but pretty darn close considering the form factor.

Jul 23

Make it convertible, even better. It comes with everything, love, joy, pain, suffering, remorse, and redemption. This is the only proper answer.

Jul 23

If i can plant a tree, and it grows as I age, then that’s all I ask. 

Jul 22

Guillotine operator is my dream job, so yeah. It is kinda time for me to get a better job.

Jul 20

“We’ve all fallen into the trap of sensationalism in regard to Kanye’s antics (for lack of a better word), namely because we had no idea how else to react.” Read more

Jul 18

Hey, us small penis guys like big, crazy, wild, flashy, and fun cars only guys with big penis can enjoy such cars without bias? Damn, and I thought our only problem is racism... ;)

Jul 16

Say, for example, there are a string of baffling bank robberies where money is disappearing from locked vaults through which no one has gained entry from the outside. Wouldn’t it be useful to know that there is a mutant living nearby who has the ability to teleport?
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