Jul 23

As a FiST owner, I will make a caveat for: “The ST also has enough room for the whole family in a pinch.” and that’s only if you’re not bringing luggage. This car cannot haul, but it’s exceptionally good if you’re going out for ice cream.

Would recommend the FiST, absolutely, it’s a damn delight.

Jul 13

Fucking finally. I’ve spent the last two days wondering what the fuck was going on. You miss one afternoon on the internet...

Jul 12

If you think those folks only emerged after 9/11, well, I’ve got a Ryder truck to sell you, it’s parked outside the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City.

Jul 8

I’m punching out here. Season 1 was hard enough with the overarching plot of incredibly powerful people acting despicably corrupt, which was already too real. Now they’re adding Nazi’s. Nahh, this is now too real and too grim for me to watch. I hope that Karl Urban continues to be a shining star.

Jun 30

Was the ending satisfying, not really. But let me tell you, at then end of episode 1, where they’re standing on the mountain top, befuddled over the radio message, camera panning over everyone’s face and Dominic Monaghan says: “Guys, where are we?” Fuck me that was good television.

Jun 29

Gloves are more likely to spread than not. You get a false sense of security wearing gloves and you’re far less likely to sanitize them (Which doesn’t work very well because the little folds and creases that naturally occur in them can be missed.) and if you pick up the virus on them, you’re likely to spread it to Read more

Jun 28

Well, shit, what are we talking now? If you absolutely must fly at this point, half-mask cartridge respirator? Full face to protect your eyes? Given how easily this spreads, doesn’t seem too cautious as far as I’m concerned. 

Jun 24

“Listen, babe, we’re only going to Pam’s party for two hours, can you just try to have a good time? Please?”

Jun 23

The doctor that the CBC morning news has come on as their science communicator, Dr. Issac Bogoch said this morning that a face shield and mask can be used interchangeably and the he was as pro face shield as he was mask.