2:26 AM

Wanted to pick the group's brain and see what your opinions are on "maternity tourism." A friend just posted this article and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it.

3:15 AM

Ugh, guys. Trying really hard to not start another online fight with one of my exes over a really ignorant post. Gotta talk about it with someone though. Basically, he posted about how welfare recipients should be drug tested. Ughhhhh....

10:46 PM

Worst gift you've ever received thread? I'll start. My ex-boyfriend went to the beach with friends and came back with a water bottle full of dead sand crabs. He was adamant that I keep it because he worked so hard collecting them, even when I said there was a fishy smell emitting from it a week later. I kept it for a Read more

11:23 PM

Trying to stay positive through this breakup. The sadness finally hit a couple of days ago. Then a friend informed me tonight that my ex is back on okcupid. It's been 5 days since we broke up. I'm trying to be positive and think that he's finding his own way to deal with the break-up and leave it at that. If I think Read more

11:30 PM

I was here a couple of weeks ago talking about my boyfriend and I possibly breaking up because he never does anything that shows me he's really invested in the relationship. We decided to work on reconnecting. Fast forward to two weeks later, I broke up with him today because he showed me how much he cared and thought Read more

10:35 PM

Just tried calling the bf to have our "talk" and it rang three times before going to voicemail. I called again and it went straight to voicemail. I called again to double check and it went straight to voicemail again. I can't believe he's doing it this way. I've been known to jump to conclusions in the past but I'm Read more

11:09 PM

I posted last night about my situation with my boyfriend. I texted my boyfriend and asked if he was available to talk and he texted back that he was out with friends and that he'd talk to me tomorrow. I asked if he got back early enough to call me please but if not then we'd talk tomorrow. I just want to know already. Read more