Feb 4 2020

Devices do not need a smartthings badge on it to work with smartthings. Might want to use something before you write about it.

Dec 18 2019

Gizmodo: It’s time to stop shopping on amazon like it is. Also Gizmodo: SaVe 20% oFf aLL tHis ShIt yOu DOnt’ nEEd aT aMAZoN~!

Oct 23 2019

Now... Hear me out... I know it may sound crazy... Give it to some one else to review.

Oct 23 2019

I am not sure if your Giz office assigns the review to the least qualified person because they know they will get an article where reviewer will concentrate on all the wrong things and start spitting all over it due to all the wrong reasons. It seems, long gone, are the days where Giz wrote unbiased review, especially Read more

Sep 5 2019

So what you’re saying is that your house is a fire trap, and you refuse to bring it up to date to protect yourself and your family because you’re a skinflint. Read more

Sep 5 2019

This is the stupidest rant I have ever read, and I feel dumber having done so. What a load of inaccurate, whiny garbage. 

Jun 24 2018

people on the right didn’t view people supporting Obama as sub-human socialist garbage.
What rose tinted glasses are these?

Omg the right absolutely loathed Obama and anyone who supported him. Do you not remember the amount of monkey and ape comparisons thrown at Obama not to mention oh, yes, the Birther movement, the Read more

Apr 27 2017

But it seems the show can’t stop showing us Stephen Amell in a variety of ridiculous wigs that tell us we’re looking at the “past.”

Apr 21 2017

This article just proves the problem with society. You write the half truth and uneducated people take it as the full truth. I paid capital gains tax on my investments so that must mean that I am paying a“ lower rate on that than you are, even though you fucking work for your money.” The problem with this is that I Read more