Nov 5

Garmin has unified their charging cable across their smartwaches a couple years ago. A Forerunner can use a Fenix charger, which can use a VivoActive charger, etc. All the same now.

Sep 9 2019

 Except this settlement barely punishes Equifax. Only a small portion of the settlement goes towards regular people, which is why each person will get way less than $125. Most of the money is set aside for people who have large damages, which they will have to go to great lengths to prove. My guess is that most of the Read more

Aug 14 2019

Actually, preparations typically speed up recessions. For example, people that prep usually start hording cash and put off big purchases like houses or cars. 70% of our economy is consumer spending, so when consumers stop spending money in preparation for a recession, it speeds up the recession.

Apr 26 2019

I feel like Marvel completely glossed over issues where 1/2 the population is snapped back after 5 years of being gone. Here are a few:
1. Homes that were abandoned after the killing snap would have been populated by the survivors during the 5 years. Now the original owners come back to a house that someone else is Read more

Jan 10 2018

Hey Gramps, your $28k/yr in 1997 is equal to $43.5k now. Maybe don’t compare salaries from 2 decades apart?

Nov 15 2017

I disagree. The slowest part of grocery shopping for me is typically waiting in line at the cash register, either self-checkout or employee checkout. If I could simply walk out of the store, and it work 99% of the time, I would do it.
The self-checkouts at my local grocery store are always busy. I think many people Read more

Oct 12 2017

Do you honestly believe they didn’t test this before? It’s an issue showing up on a certain subset of cars, and only 3% of those. 11k recalls x 3% = 330 vehicles might have the issue.

The fact that they perform recalls before issues occur, combined with their safety crash test ratings, what manufacturer is making a Read more

Oct 2 2017

Why was the Garmin VivoActive 3 not included in this comparison? It was released at the same time as the Ionic, does what appears to be the exact same, and looks a lot better to boot.

May 17 2017

My tv turns on when I send a video to the Chromecast plugged into it. I believe most new tvs ‘listen’ for signals from their HDMI ports and turn on accordingly.

Mar 17 2017

How is this any better than a Flic? The flic is a wireless smart button, ~$25 a piece, and has the 3 programmable actions, just like your Switch. Plus, it doesn’t need a $100 hub, it just uses your bluetooth phone connection.

I have a flic right next to my couch that I use to turn on and off lights in my living room. Read more