Ron Calls on his years of experience....and freezes at the controls
10:18 PM

Did anyone think that you couldn’t charge a battery with a generator? This is only an issue of scale. Read more

7:25 PM

I was racing my Motorcycle at Brainerd and got a debris flag coming into turn three and the corner worker waving me wide. As I coming into the corner I started looking for what the debris was. Saw the turtle about 10 feet onto the track from the Apex. I could see the orange under his neck and his little scaly feet and Read more

10:28 AM

My guess is that Lawrence Stroll had always intended get rid of the CEO regardless of COVID coming along.

10:28 AM

I think for a lot of board members for these companies, they feel they have to do something. Some people get itchy triggers and that can be multiplied if they are getting the cabin fever. Some folks who sit on these boards dont have a day to day job per se. So many deep dive into paralysis by analysis then just react Read more

10:25 AM

I think COVID is being used as a scapegoat to get rid of people more than anything else.  Sounds to me like some folks wanted this guy out at Aston regardless of COVID.

10:24 AM

Two years is pretty outstanding life for wiper blades. Most manufacturers admit that their blades are living on borrowed time after 6 months.

10:24 AM

I don’t have an MBA, but it seems less like boards firing their most prominet employee to make a point and more like this is a great opportunity for boards who don’t love their CEOs to get rid of them. If the CEO has a good relationship with the board or holds a majority, a la Musk, then they should be fine.

9:40 AM

What’s interesting is that, why the rear windows are styled different and scaled bizarrely, they aren’t actually that different from the dual rear side windows on a 7th-8th gen extended cab trucks. Read more

12:59 PM

Three weeks later, he’s going to get a visit from a gang of leather fetishists with comfy armchairs, nighttime sunglasses and a pair of red and blue pills...

8:59 PM

A rare letdown from garage 54... They should have set up a hidden camera and had maids hired to go clean the room and film their reactions.