Born on third base as the heir to an emerald mine, so people had to treat the guy with money like he was smart. Got lucky as a co-founder of PayPal and now believes that all of that makes him what the weird sycophants say he is.

The bigger mystery is why people who will never get any of his money are so eager to Read more

No he won’t. His “phone” will be like the Amazon phone. Some Linux device with toxic Twitter pre-installed that no Amdroid or Apple user will move their data into. Read more

Call me selfish, but my purpose in life is to make myself happy. I don’t let that get in the way of other people, and I try to help others be happy as well. Read more

See also: Bellyaching over that Ghostbusters movie with (gasp) women in it. Read more

It’s been a trip watching angry nerds lose their minds over the sanctity of their 1980's long-form toy commercials.
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I’m saying that it’s patently absurd to suggest that the Lokis must be biologically similar (and thus bordering on incest), when the Lokis are clearly demonstrated to be different races and species. Read more

There’s a black version of Loki and a lizard version of Loki, and none of these other Lokis are adopted frost giants. Read more

Their conversation on the train also suggests that Sylvie might actually be the biological child of Odin and Frigga, while Loki, they remind us, is actually a Frost Giant adopted by Odin. So very definitely not related. Or even the same species. Read more

Only thing weird about it is how hard they got me to ship this.  I audibly squeeed when they kissed. Read more

We solved lead to gold faster than this one is going. Read more

Amateur Batman Dislocates His Own Shoulder and Breaks His Own Wrist Read more

“You Fell Victim to One of the Classic Blunders”

Ugh. So the A319 (based upon the shot of the flight deck) cruises at 514 mph, with a max spd of 541 mph. Let’s say they have enough gas to go full blast the whole way (unlikely since airlines don’t typically put on that much extra fuel for those long-haul routes), but going west bound means a headwind, so to make the Read more

It is so sad and predictable to see all of the wannabe “masters of the universe” in the comments that just love to diminish the struggles of working people. Read more

It seems like common sense to not have to say this, but here goes anyway:

Every single person that had something to say about the original design needs to get their ass to a theater and see the movie. I can’t think of another time where a movie studio immediately listened to the audience and backtracked this publicly Read more

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Here’s hoping the villain is Turksih Spider-Man.

I lost it here. Picard has always been friendly with Riker and Riker has always been loyal to Picard (alternate universes notwithstanding) but I always felt that friendship that characterized Kirk, McCoy and Spock and would have been natural in the cerebral Picard and the more raw Riker would come through in TNG and Read more

And that's why you wait 30 minutes after eating before swimming. Read more