It’s hard for me to imagine enjoying any office job at this point. Funny enough at 43. I’m 2.5 years into the first job I haven’t gotten sick of within a year and actually kind of enjoy, though it is still just a job. As pressure washer for a small family run company with around 14 employees, only $22 an hour and Read more

IMO it’s a trip watching angry nerds lose their minds over any change to a fiction franchise. If I don’t like a reboot of a childhood favorite I just make fun of it and/or move on. Making fun of bad sci-fi is part of the fun of being a nerd, at least for me. I just don’t get the anger. Read more

They are both very charismatic, especially for villains,” and I admit I was hoping they would would hook up as weird as falling for a alternate universe version of yourself is, lol. Plus Sylvie is is very hot IMO. Great series overall, I enjoyed it even more than most of the Marvel EU movies.  Kind of glad Marvel EU Read more

I don’t think they ever gave any indication if they even have similar DNA or not (though I might of missed it if they did). I mean there was a black Loki and an Alligator Loki, I doubt they had similar DNA, and variants aren’t necessarily the same DNA. Read more

lol, not quite that extreme for women in my life but they would certainly not look that happy about it, especially if they were in a nice dress as opposed to say a bathing suit. If they shoot first though, all bets are off. Read more

Hmm, yeah tried buying some frozen crickets and making fried rice with them, not bad tasting but not very pleasant to look at, kind of almondish flavor but definitely not something I’d look forward to. I was actually fairly impressed by the plant based Impossible burger” patties though, actually tasted fairly close Read more

Bob the janitor, but you never see him on screen.   Read more

OMG they spent almost 0.25% of Bezos net worth on a show? It better be good! His sweatshop empire should at least entertain us while he grinds his employees into their graves. Granted Amazon original series are often pretty darn good, choices, choices. Read more

Dragon Prince (also on Netflix) got me used to it, kind of off-putting but the story and vibrant colors and creature designs won me over and I got used to it, so doesn’t bother me now. Sure beats the 80's cartoons I watched as a kid like He-Man, Thundercats ect, lol. It’s no Studio Ghibli for sure, but if the story is Read more

Or maybe Yoda is just a dick, lol. I haven’t seen much of that cartoon so don’t know Ashoka’s character very well. Does she have anger problems as bad as Anakin does? Maybe Yoda just thought Anakin was more at higher risk of turning to dark side? Read more

Lol, that is the question, not sure. Dwight was pretty ridiculous at times and certainly selfish and often wrong but never struck me as a total idiot more as inherently paranoid. He could be pretty cunning in his own way and knew Jim liked to play elaborate pranks on him. Read more

Yeah without the waist harness is risky I’m sure. Not many people can do one armed pullups, as it takes a hell of a lot of conditioning to do so. I was an amateur on and off over the years and even when I could bench press 300+ pounds and do 20 pullups hanging from an overhead bar very long with one hand was not easy Read more

I hope so, McConnell deserves to be at least one of the most hated men in America, IMO. Mostly because unlike Trump, he actually seems fairly competent and intelligent but like Trump still screws over the poor, working and middle classes every chance he gets out of basic self-interest.   Read more

Yeah they are more likely to make you want to bite off people’s faces! Read more

I’ve rather enjoyed many of the non-US sci-fi and fantasy series on Netflix, and am at least curious how exactly the sun is killing people in this one, but yeah I doubt it will be based on realistic science, lol.

Read more

Sure, I’m 40 too and still remember this online meme from when I was a teen in the 90's.

Las Vegas is pretty cheesy, but I did enjoy the cheap amusement rides at Circus Circus and on top of the Stratosphere. Plus a great roller coaster in Primm a little ways out of Las Vegas. Hardly any lines at any of them like maybe 5 mins I got to ride the big coaster in Primm all by myself numerous times even. Just Read more

Frozen was entertaining, beautiful, kid friendly and had a really catchy song, and made a ton of money, but hardly a masterpiece. The story was dumb, and the characters actions and motivations made almost no sense. It’s not something I would watch again unless I had kids. Read more

Hmm, yes I think I would love that actually, I did really like the 1989 movie “The Bear” which had no dialogue for the animals, and only a little brief dialogue from the two human hunters, but mostly focus on the bears. Been a long time so don’t remember it well, but remember actually being emotionally involved in Read more

Hmm, I’m a bit tired of remakes, but yes a photorealistic remake of Bambi with a lightly updated script, that could be pretty cool, and a better fit as you say. Read more