Nik TayTay
6:22 PM

We can be grateful that Bezos is donating his $10 billion while also noting that the fact that he even *has* $10 billion to give is a symptom of a terribly broken system. Read more

6:17 PM

God I love this lack of introspection I see everywhere, from the rise of Uber, to the gig economy like Deliveroo, to climate change. Read more

5:54 PM

Yeah, I want to think he's finally realized why the whole world thinks he's a jackass, but I'd like to see the receipts first. I like the projects the Gates Foundation works on in the global health sector. Like, we have billions, what if we try to stop HIV and malaria? Bezos could do that in the environmental sector. Read more

5:12 PM

Nah. This is a performative and defensive action on Bezo’s part. He’s scared, with all of the political talk around re-distributing wealth and this is his reaction. Read more

4:56 PM

Look... I get it, Bezos has far too much money and income inequality is bullshit and Amazon workers are treated like shit. That’s shitty. Read more

3:07 PM

Maybe one day. It’s something I first did with a therapist, so it’s a tiny bit easier to do on my own now. Now this might be an occasional and very brief thought exercise while I’m remembering a specific painful episode. I can’t do it while thinking of the entirety of my childhood. It’s just a good reminder at times Read more

2:51 PM

Oh honey, I’m so sorry. Thank you for opening up. That brought me to tears, so I can’t imagine what it feels like just to type those words. We are definitely sisters from the same mother, and I’m heartbroken that we share a bond based on such cruelty. What you’ve been through is something no one should have had to go Read more

12:11 AM

I vaguely remember a story from my mom about Henry Fonda staying with my family when he first came to Hollywood. Considering how much the women in my family look like Jane Fonda, I’ve always low-key wondered if we are related

10:43 PM

How about a feminist site reports that it is, in fact, a big and very sad deal that so many are choosing to get tattoos to honor an admitted violent rapist, who left too many vaginal laceration to count (per the rape kit nurse).  F*&^ the sports patriarchy.

10:35 PM

in other news, “Oprah Is Done With Earning Billions”

Jane, honey, you... you did the thing already. and you’ve always been doing it. there’s nothing more to be done hehe

(but that post-glamorous event picture with the dress still on is freakin adorable 💜)

6:30 PM

So... so... let’s accept, for the sake of argument, that the women in question DID put themselves in danger... Read more

6:05 PM

My thoughts exactly. And the lawyer Ghomeshi hired, Marie Henein, has had the gall to try to rehabilitate her image as someone who actually is an ally of women, by representing one of the women accusing Weinstein. She reminds me of Lisa Bloom, an opportunist who wants to have it both ways: defends monsters who she Read more

3:45 PM

This is so very, distressingly similar to the Jian Ghomeshi trial that dominated the Canadian news cycle a few years ago including the pulled-together female defence lawyer. Very, very upsetting.

1:27 PM

She’s a defense attorney. What do you want from her? We have defense attorneys defending serial killers, rapists, and all kinds of violent felons, every hour of every day. Hate her all you want but if not her, then it’ll be someone else. How about we blame judges and juries who are the actual fact-finders - and not Read more