nothing special
Oct 10

Reading this helps put this show into context in a way the trailers haven’t. Also I’m not sure that Watchmen is the best universe to set this in. Having a show that examines police vs racism vs terrorists should be a spiritual successor to something like the Wire not a sequel to a comic that featured a blue naked Read more

Oct 8

I probably should have seen it (or something like it) coming, but when the lifeless bodies suddenly floated back into frame I GASPED aloud. That was incredibly dark and incredibly well-executed. Read more

Oct 7

Yeah, the original owner was a world-class racist piece of shit, even among racist pieces of shit.

Oct 7

They were also the very last team in the entire NFL to integrate.

Oct 6

How can anyone believe this in their hearts? How can you look at all of the worlds of possibility, look at the 2016 election, and believe this to be true? Read more

Oct 5

Not that this idea is new or anything, but one more time for the people in the back: stating that you are not / don’t want to be political is very much taking a political position.

Oct 4

I have to say this is the first trailer for this I’ve seen that even grabs my interest. The teaser was meh, the gameplay stuff was only ok, but this 3 minutes of acting, story-telling felt right. Really right, from the disillusionment of the adults to Khan’s hope, her subtle disappointment, to Tony’s “what is that?” Read more

Oct 4

I wonder if you’d tell this to a kid on a flight who’s desperate and in need of a bathroom. “You don’t have money. Go shit where you can afford to sit.”

Oct 3

Everyone is demanding that RBG continue to work after a billion surgeries and cancer diagnoses but Bernie gets one little stent and he’s a decrepit husk

Oct 2

Watched the trailer waiting for the Statue of Liberty to disappear. Left disappointed.