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I know you guys have been ordered by your new overlords not to comment on Splinter being shut down, but when are you going to comment on Splinter being shut down? Because any of these used-to-be-Gawker sister sites that don’t comment on Splinter being shut down, well, I’m not coming back to them again. Read more

What if that’s a passionately romantic embrace instead of a passionately violent embrace? Read more

Here for this. The For Your Eyes Only 2CV chase is the best Bond car chase scene of all. Read more

Grant Morrison. I think it was Final Crisis where it first appeared. People complained about that one a lot, but I thought it was an awesomely fun story and JG Jones’ art was spectacular.

Testify. And the reason we will have to eat the rich, why there is class warfare, is because these motherfucking plutocrats will not budge. They will not merely be rich, they have to hold on to all of it at all costs to the point where the bulk of humanity is being crushed. Ev Read more

Though I think you mean “Its” as opposed to “It’s,” I still say bravo on both the content and the construction of your answer. Read more

I just watched that scene where the elves joyfully run off-camera to the right through the muck, there’s a beat, and then they float silently back to the left and in that moment became certain that this is one of my favorite fantasy things ever. I was annoyed with the first few episodes, then it grew on me and now I Read more

It’s funny how you think getting the last word means something even when you have nothing to say. Read more

I think you meant, “duhhhhh” Read more

Dead wrong. Mass strikes can actually have more effect than voting. I’m not saying don’t vote, but this garbage about ONLY VOTING MATTERZ!!! is just that, garbage. Sometimes an election is nothing but a smokescreen to make us think we’re effecting change even when we’re not. Read more

It was a gorgeous day for a march in DC today, but it’s a real pity the crowd was so small. I’d be shocked it there were five thousand people.

Look, we get it. You’re a misanthrope trying to derail support for saving as many people as we can from the effects of climate change. You’re alone and no one loves you expressly because you’re a misanthrope. Yes, we pity you. You don’t have to demonstrate it any more. It’s not like you’re changing anyone’s mind here Read more

Btw, it’s clear that you are BreakerBaker’s alias. Word on diversifying your writing style, or just, you know, don’t be a troll. Read more

Just like you to lie in defense of a sniveling coward who hides in elevators rather than answer for his action. Read more

Hey, the troll who’s too dumb to make a real point is back. Yay. Read more

Can you read? I clearly said that he’s a troll because he is willfully dishonest. I said that was in service of so-called centrism. But it’s the constant dishonesty, constant arguing in bad faith, that sets them apart as a troll. Read more