11/25/19 10:44AM

The Camaro is definitely in the “looks cool!” camp, but sucks to see out of while, you know, actually driving. Read more

1/13/19 8:42AM

This car will be $66,000CAD for a base model!? I’m suspecting this will not sell well here. Twice the price of a Z with the same horsepower and miles above Mustang and Camaro pricing. It’s nearly the same price as a base model Corvette. Read more

8/30/18 12:09PM

Exactly. Quality now is still an issue overblown on German cars by the 2nd 3rd and 4th owners who want the depreciated badge, at the price of maintaining a Corolla. Read more

3/29/18 9:26AM

I never understood why they wouldn’t make a dash cam. I 100% have more use for a dash cam than your average go-pro cam which is the reason i’ve never bought one.

1/04/18 8:15AM

Hear, hear - you took the words from my fingertips and said it all for me.

12/19/17 2:36PM

Speaking as an engineer, (and this never happens, so take note) I agree with the architect. The author misspeaks when it comes to high rise buildings; They suck. Read more

12/19/17 12:55PM

There’s a crazy weird move from young-ish journalists (all over this site, Matty Iglesias, etc.) that cities need to just build, build, build, up, up, and up. They think it will solve most economic issues. They don’t appear to have any experience with the issue beyond “well I moved from the suburbs to the city 18 Read more

11/27/17 4:40PM

The SS failed because when did you ever see an ad for it? 99% of the population has no idea it existed in the first place because Chevy never made an attempt to tell them it existed. If Chevy had made some level of an ad campaign to accompany the SS it might have actually sold in respectable numbers.

8/29/17 1:41PM

Military grade technology my ass!!! The Japanese whaling ships are accessing AIS tracking maps and Sea Shepherd is probably by law having to carry a Class A AIS transponders (likely due to weight and/or international voyages).