2/26/20 11:18AM

Yeah, but what you’re describing are not considered “rich” persons hotels, just expensive commoner hotels. Most of these ultra rich hotels with legit differences aren’t being typically booked online or us pheasants, they are being booked by your personal hotel assistant directly with the hotel or in the case of things Read more

2/12/20 5:51PM

I know its not a movie, but The Boys Translucent brought up some interesting ideas about how to kill an invisible and “impenetrable” man.

2/11/20 9:07AM

I will seriously be on the E-Hummer if they put a range extender engine in it... don’t care if its an expensive option, i’d work hard to afford one. I just need the certainty that I can get somewhere without worrying about the range dropping due to cold or unusual loads. Also, with my job I cannot be waiting around Read more

2/07/20 2:35PM

Not distilled water... Battery Acid... more precisely sulfuric acid for the Lead Battery variety found in those cars. 

1/30/20 12:28PM

If you’re towing loads, then yes, a charging network will be very important. We already know when any towing is done on an electric vehicle the range is severely reduced and very unpredictable (load has variable drag and weight). Read more

1/28/20 4:25PM

While people down south might never think of Canada being a police state, we employ some really sophisticated license plate scanners. Multi camera cruisers that ping plates even with the officer isn’t in the vehicle, as the video shows, the officer finished a road side and getting a notification about a previously

1/14/20 9:20AM

Oh yeah, Vancouver is hugely anti car. Gas prices are supposed to be the same across the country, but they routinely have prices set 20-40% higher than the rest of the nation. So bad that the government had to form a commission to find out why. Read more

1/13/20 5:03PM

From Canada, and I drove that road a few months ago and MAN that is fast compared to Canada. Everyone did about 85-90 and it was horrendous for fuel mileage on my Civic... A CIVIC!! They do no like 4000rpm for fuel economy. Read more

1/13/20 4:07PM

Is Jolt still a thing? That was my old school high school go to energy drink. 

1/13/20 3:10PM

For a Sultan, there seemed like a pretty small turnout of people around the mosque. Was their a greater public ceremony elsewhere?

1/09/20 2:12PM

Mothman Prophecies... in my teens, walked out of the theatre. First time I thought “you know, this is terrible and I don’t want to watch anymore even though I’ve paid for it”

1/08/20 5:00PM

Its interesting as just about all Canadian pumps have contactless payment. Even before it was a thing brands like Esso or PetroCanada (the biggest suppliers) had fobs you could use to do contactless payments through an associated credit card. This was more than a decade ago.

1/08/20 4:56PM

I’m confused as to how an automotive CEO has fans? Especially one that has no lineage to the brand unlike say Akio Toyoda or one of the Ford’s. If this happened to the CEO of the Canadian arm of GM, no one would really care here as they aren’t really known to the general public. I couldn’t tell the name of a single Read more

1/08/20 11:05AM

1st - Does pumps in the US have tap and pay at their pumps? I only remember when I am in the US from Canada I always have to go in to get my Mastercard/Visa billed at the cash because US gas pumps ask for ZIP codes.

1/08/20 10:26AM

Are we seriously doing another “arrive at a big secluded mansion that somehow a family member owned and strange shit happens” trope? Could we do something mind tripy like a haunted condo unit that infects the other units around it in mega tower? At least that new trope would be more relate-able for the majority of the Read more