REO Bandwagon
Oct 11 2019

Guess your dad was too busy to raise a decent person.

Sep 30 2019

Little did we know how willingly we would give our privacy in exchange for pictures of cats and babies.

Sep 25 2019

The actual Tomsula Index is a list of businesses that will let you use their bathroom without having to buy anything. 

Sep 20 2019

Coughlin is one of the worst negotiators in the league. Sitting in a room with him, it’s easy to gauge his true intentions, since his face is easily red.

Sep 19 2019

It’s true that while no advice can be universally applied, some of these things are probably true for most people. Take the coffee example. In my experience, the people in my office who visit Starbucks every day are the same people who never bring a lunch. I think people who spend on small luxuries like that are more Read more

Sep 17 2019

Yeah, he had high expectations of based on his name, which caused people to overrate him when he was playing well, and then trash him as worthless when he struggled. Read more

Sep 17 2019

I would say it’s very questionable whether he was actually good. The guy finishes with a career 60.3% completion rate and a 116-116 record, both completely average. Led the league in interceptions three times en route to 241 of them, never broke 70 QBR once in a single season, hasn’t had a double-digit win team this Read more

Sep 16 2019

Maybe that commenter is a literal man made out of straw, like it could be the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz

Sep 16 2019

I have found a lot of people on Kinja do not know what a “strawman argument” is.

Sep 16 2019

I like how Albert literally quotes an argument just like this from an actual commenter on another article and you refer to this as a “strawman argument.”

Sep 16 2019

Fucking hell, man, the man’s brain being mush is an important fucking issue. It’s not “free ammo” for Trump. It’s incredibly germane to the question of whether he should be the nominee and/or the president. It’s a much bigger difference between him and the candidates with working brains than their healthcare proposals Read more

Sep 16 2019

I don’t think this article is arguing one way or the other. The takeaway that I had is the entire discussion around this matter is seen almost exclusively through the male gaze, which shapes the discussion and decisions that follow.

Sep 14 2019

If you can stand there, and look at that landscape, and say “tear it down for money,” fuck you.

Sep 13 2019

JJ is a good director, anyone that says otherwise is a sheltered nerd that hates the fact that JJ didn't adopt their personal fan-fiction.

Sep 13 2019

Nothing? Nada? You’ve literally never seen anything that he wrote, produced or directed that you thought was good? Read more

Sep 13 2019

I’m sure he, and the $250M deal he just signed, is really disappointed to learn you feel that way.