Indiana Jones, PhD
Oct 15

“But dealers provide so much value by helping the customer navigate the scary and confusing car buying process” Read more

Oct 14

A guy on The War Zone pointed out that in the sequence starting at 0:52 in this video, you can see a explosion-free splash during the attack on Lutzow, which is probably actually this bomb.

Oct 14

I would go along with this Rover coupe theory as well. Rover coupe which got wrecked so someone grafted on a new tail (accord or rover coupe) and new nose (taken from another pic in this thread) to save money since they couldn’t find Rover parts.

Oct 14

From what I can tell, the underground tunnel thing will feature Teslas essentially riding on rails. The Hyperloop thing is still the idea of super fast elevated trains.

Oct 6

Woah woah woah. What are you getting at? I’ve been kicked out of a Lululemon before for too aggressively handling the yoga pants on display. I’m qualified to judge here.

Oct 5

The fact that Chrome was early to the game on “Browser profile follows you no matter what device you’re using,” I’m glued to it. Microsoft could have easily did this with Internet Explorer (cough) but missed out. Now they’re doing with with Edge, and it’s nice, but I’m already sold.

Oct 2

Don’t be thinking small. Think BIG. Think Continental. Think New Yorker. Think Delta 88. Tbink about all those smooth-riding malaise-yachts with 150 horsepower lumps. Imagine doubling or tripling the power of one of those things and gliding along in silent splendor...

Oct 1

I guess it depends on how much battery? If you remove the engine, and everything the engine needs that leaves a lot of weight in that area to fill up.

Sep 25

How are the features which require the vehicle to communicate over the network supposed to still work when the network is taken down? Read more

Sep 25

It is a free market. The rep that wrote the bill is selling his government influence to the dealer lobby.  Is there any greater free market?

Sep 25

Tesla gets special treatment because they won a lawsuit and the dealer lobby is strong in Michigan. It’s total nonsense and hilariously, the bill is written by a Republican. Gotta love their commitment to the free market!

Sep 17

Methinks the trailer will be way too heavy. Unless.... you put motors in the trailer’s wheels also.   This would give the trailer extra boost when needed, and serve as regen units for braking.  This could actually improve trailer safety.  The trailer motor ecu would need great communication with the tow vehicle ecu, Read more