Thursday 6:35PM

That was good for the headlines at the time. Nobody believed them. No company on earth can continue to market their same product for decades on end without updates and the latest versions except for soft drink companies, MS is no exception.  That said, I’m eager to see a new Windows 11 refresh, because 10 is a Read more

5/28/21 5:59PM

When I chimney sear with lump charcoal, there’s a column of fire about 2 feet above the chimney. The top of the chimney is usually glowing red. If I left anything in that heat for 3-6 minutes it would be a lump of charcoal itself. For a tri-tip or chuck roast I typically do about 30 seconds per side, and the fat Read more

5/28/21 2:51PM

One of the big advantages of sous vide is the longer duration held at a lower temperature. For pork and beef there are enzymatic reactions that occur within only specific temperature ranges that are usually lower than the desired doneness temperature for pork. To maximize cathepsins reactions you want to keep the temp Read more

5/28/21 2:39PM

I’ve never experienced this homogenous texture thing in any food I sous vide because I always sear afterwards, and not before. How come you’re searing before the sous vide bath? For salmon, I’ve always bagged, sous vide at a temp slightly below the temp I want, then sear after it’s done. You’ll get that flakiness in Read more

5/27/21 10:22PM

Because of Spanfeller’s marketing genius, Gizmodo Media Group signed an exclusive contract to only promote the Ouya marketplace and no other store

5/27/21 3:49PM

Which is why anyone who uses digital contracts as part of their business should seriously think about using NFT-based contracts instead. Read more

5/18/21 5:17PM

Interesting, so this hot tub streaming is a loophole in the guidelines used to dress provocatively..

5/18/21 12:57PM

Yeah, but a car without autopilot wouldn’t have warned a driver about it either. It should be obvious that this system, as any other system tends to be, isn’t foolproof. The system as described by Tesla and as should be common sense shouldn’t over ride drivers judgement and no driver should expect it to based on a Read more

5/18/21 12:38PM

it caused a driver to careen straight into a Washington state deputy’s vehicle that was parked at the side of the road.” Read more

5/13/21 2:57PM

As someone in the tech industry I can tell you that backup processes, if they exist at all, are usually imperfect, out of date, and rarely tested. Backup tools, processes, and storage are all expensive things that don’t get funded by the company since it’s a cost center that you might not need. Read more

5/11/21 11:36AM

There’s absolutely a difference between these and $25 skull candies; that can be demonstrated both objectively and subjectively. Are they worth $1,300? that’s an entirely different question. I’d say if you’re connecting these directly to your phone there’s no way they’re worth that much becuase you’re phone can’t Read more

5/04/21 3:08PM

I would argue that back in the Gawker days they were both. I remember reading some incredibly well researched and well thought out pieces on Jez, Gawker, Deadspin, etc. about topics nobody else was discussing. Lately they’re not even good bloggers.

5/04/21 4:15AM

Nah, fuck that. That’s just the excuse they like to fall back on any time they’re called out on their sloppy work. Whether they like to admit it or not, this is a news site - people come here primarily to find out what’s going on, and the opinion then comes as part of that package. When you can’t even be bothered to Read more

5/01/21 2:20PM

Look. NY Lawmakers just need to get more creative. Impose a 50% tax on all revenue for any company that DOESN’T provide plans at $15/$20. You aren’t regulating that they provide the plan. Just collecting a tax. The FCC doesn’t have any say in whether they can charge a tax or not.